Favourite sun protection products in the month of April 2014

Sun protection is a very important key of youthful and healthy skin - We need them to helps preventing pigmentation, wrinkles, skin cancer and also for radiance skin.

So lately, I means for the pass couple of months... I have been trying out a few sun protection products from a various of brands. And I do enjoy using them alot...

This is not a review's post - I'm just sharing what I have been using lately ... (let me rephrase that) "Favourite sun protection product in the month of April" (which is the hottest month so far in 2014)

I love love trying out different sun protection products - and personally, I hardly have any dislike on a sun protection product unless it sting or burn my skin. 

I don't really mind if the sun block was too sticky, thick, oily or having a white cast ...because once it absorbed, I can simple dab off the excess "serum" on the skin with a piece of tissue and follow up with my makeup routine.

For all these sun protection products on this blog post, I have give each product of continuously use of at least 1 to 2 weeks before rotating.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete IV waterlight lotion SPF50+ PA+++

I've tried this a few years ago and I didn't quite like it because, I find it a little bit drying for my skin condition back then (I have combination skin... a bit oily at that time.. so I have no idea why I don't quite enjoy using it) 

When I got this in one of the beauty mails from the company : I gave this a 2nd chance and Oh boy.. I do enjoy using it! 

I find it really weird at first because I have drier skin as compare to few years ago and I totally don't have the issue I experiences back then! Skin does changed and the way we feels about a product may change too!

The sunscreen is lightweight and feel quite easy on the skin - this is one of the sunblock that said it will prevent oxidation (I hardly have any issue with oxidation when using foundation... so can't really tell much.. but I DO like the idea!)

Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF 38 PA+++
For sensitive skin

I love the finishes, texture and how it makes my skin feel (love love love)
Read about my review on this amazing product (here)

Beside this the The Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++ also really GOOD!
Similar texture, finishes and all!  Read more about Sunkiller (here)

ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen on face beauty light SPF 34 PA+++

One of the new sunscreen from Orbis  - they are 2 types of On face beauty sunscreen (for dry skin and oily skin - the one I'm showing here is for oily/combination skin - I have yet to try the richer version).

This sunscreen is tinted (light pale beige shade - but doesn't show the color on the skin.. it does brighten up the complexion.. but do not mistake this as bbcream - the pigment is too sheer to do any coverage.. lolx)

Very thin consistency, lightweight and feel quite smooth on the skin, I do enjoy the radiance this sunscreen provided! (I will do a full review on this soon - on separate blog post with swatches and all)

NUXE White Daily UV Protector SPF 30 PA+++
Another new UV protector in the market - this has good whitening ingredients that was targeting for Asian skin.

The texture was pretty watery, lightweight and very easy on the skin - the SPF 30 does provide GOOD sun blocking power (wore this a few times for about 2 hrs under the hot sun... and my skin didn't feel tight, burned or inflammated!)

La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel SPF 30 PA++++
This is also one of the new sun protector product from La Roche-Posay with 4 PA plus
(most sun sunblock/screen only have 2 or 3 PA plus)
I only know KOSE and Sunkiller also got 4 PA Plus sunblock/screen

The texture feels like a creamy gel, lightweight but a bit thicker then Sunkiller and NUXE white. Anyway...  this feel really hydrating and soothing on the skin. The sunblocking power also pretty DECENT!

 VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face and Body Shield SPF 60
Intensive protection against skin darkening and Melasma

VMV is well know brand for sensitive skin - and they do have really good skin care products. This sun shield was consider the thickest among the products I've mentioned above.

This sun shield does has a good sun blocking power.. but the texture was a bit thick and a little bit sticky.  Once the sun shield fully absorbed into the skin, it does has this fiction kind of texture (I means skin doesn't feel silky smooth nor oily), which make "powder foundation hard to glide onto the skin... but if you dap and roll the foundation on using a sponge... it will stay on the skin forever until you sweat and melt it off! This sun shield can double up as "primer" but I have to say that this wasn't too GOOD in oil control department (nose will start to shine after afew hours)

So these are my favourite sun protection products I've tried in April (and March) 2014.

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