Favourite Skin loving lotion toners in the month of April 2014

I have been talking about Favourite of the Month of April on my Instagram lately (because I'm lazy and blogging takes time! lolx) ... anyway, I have been drowning myself in skin loving lotion/toner later (meaning I use twice as much the amount I use each time as compare to before). I just go all out to prevent any skin pulling when I using lotion/toner on my sensitive dry/tight flakey skin (which is kinda going back to normal.. just a little bit dry).

So these are the 4 lotion/toners that I have been loving since March 2014.... SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Albion Skin conditioner, Dr Qu Skin balancing toner and Juju Aqua Label Mositure Lotion(Moist).

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
This is good stuff - expensive but OH-SO-GOOD!!

Skin feels refreshing, soothing and hydrated after soaking my skin with the facial treatment essence (I pour and soak up a cotton square really well and dab it all over the face until skin feel refreshing and cooling to touch)  I should dedicate a blog post for this good stuff (coming soon- promise)

Albion Skin Conditioner
According to the Albion trainer, this should be apply after applying their skin loion so that the skin conditioner will stick on the skin surface to maximize the absorption ... I not too sure whether our normal lotion is the same as the Albion lotion... so I just use this babe just like any other skin lotion/toner... after cleansing, soak up a cotton square and then dab it all over the face until skin feel refresh and cooling to touch!

I LOVE IT... the skin feel so good especially when my skin was in a dry, tight and flakey phase (this lotion not only soothe my trouble skin it also provided the moisture I NEED!)

This lotion does leave a film of protective layer on the skin... can feel it (kinda like a a waxy feeling but NOT really that waxy~... doesn't cause any issue with the moisturizer.)
(Full review)

Dr Qu Skin balancing toner
This is refreshing on first "wipe"... as usual soak up a piece of cotton square and start lightly wipe it across the face and focusing more on T-zone (I will use wiping motion first when I use "toner" cos it's can cleanse away any "cleanser" residue that were trapped in the pores.) Then I will flip the cotton square over and pour abit more of toner onto the cotton and start dabbing it all over the skin until skin feel cool!

When my skin was abit flakey.. this toner feel kinda strong on sensitive area (cheeks) but when skin doesn't feel tight or flakey.. this toner feel amazing on the skin! Doesn't dry up my skin too! Good stuff ... good stuff...  (^_^)

Juju Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (Moist)
This Moist version was meant for dry skin, yet this doesn't feel to heavy on combination skin... nice soothing and moisturizing lotion. (Read my full review on this blue bottle "here")

I have quite a number of good refreshing, soothing and hydration lotion/toners.. but I limited it down to these 4 items that I have been using for the pass 2 months.

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