Collection UK Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream and Compact Foundation

It's always caught my attention and makes me wanna try out a base product (foundation/bbcream/CCcream), when it have Glow, Bright or dewy on the packaging... I love Korean's dewy (almost oily type of finishing) skin because, most base products make my skin look dry and a bit oily on the nose... so I envy Korean skin lor!! They look so radiance and healthy. I want that type of skin!!!!!!!

I just want foundation or BB cream that doesn't look dry on my skin! So when I received the latest Collection UK Bright & Glow Brightening BB Cream and Compact Foundation I was quite excited.... until I saw that I got shade 2 for the BB cream.. aiyo~ so dark how to make my skin bright leh! (I consider myself quite fair leh....)


Luckily, I got shade 1 (Vanilla) for the Brightening Compact Foundation... the shade look quite neutral and wasn't too warm.

Ingredients list

Collection Bright & Glow Brightening BB cream in Shade 2

Swatches of the BB cream

Doesn't look that dark ... but still warmer and darker then my skin tone... I will try to make it work... maybe use this as a contour shade and just the compact foundation on my T-zone~

Ingredients list

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