Bliv Don't get mad get matte : absolute matte clarifying mask with Active charcoal mask sheet (Refreshing type)

One of my favourite brand for control sebum and removing black heads are B.liv (super love their Off with those heads serum - My go-do-serum for removing black heads!)... I have tried their other products .. they are quite decent.

Recently, I received B.liv *NEW* Don't get mad, get matte! Absolute matte - clarifying mask with Active charcoal mask sheet (Refreshing type) and I never really thought that I will try this type of matte mask because my skin has more problems on dryness (and I'm afraid that clarifying mask will be too drying for my somewhat dry/sensitive combination skin).... BUT the "refreshing type" kinda sold on me! lolx

For oiliness
Oil control - Clarifying - hydrating

This innovative skin-saver is all we need to lift away impurities and excess sebum, leaving skin clear, balanced and fabulously glowing.

Absolute matte mask helps to combat excess sebum and control surface shine while purifying and refreshing the complexion. Unlike any other masks, this uses active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dweling pore-cloggers so that we can experience hours and hours of TLC our skin deserve.

Benefit :
• Regulate sebum secretion and stimulate skin regeneration
• Combat excess sebum
• control surface shine while clarifying the complexion
• exfoliants to lift away impurities

The orange packaging is just too cheerful~

Ingredients list

Come with a protective sheet like any other sheet masks

So here's my initial review on the B.liv Don't get mad get matte absolute matte Mask sheet
  • The charcoal mask is a little bit "stiff: around the chin area"
  • The mask is a little bit thick.. but doesn't fall off the face easily
  • Instantly cool refreshing feeling once I put on the mask
  • The coolness is kinda minty but not that minty strong
    (more like I apply a cool mask from the fridge)
  • Feels really good on the skin - quite soothing
  • Doesn't cause any irritation nor burning sensation
  • Doesn't cause any break-out nor seeds
  • After removing the mask - rinse off - towel dry and skin feel sooooo soft powdery smooth!
    (As usual, I like to wash off the residue)
  • Skin doesn't feel tight nor dry after masking
  • The refreshing - coolness stay on the skin even after removing the mask (last about a min or two)
  • skin look fresh and soft - look matte.. totally no shine
After applying my usual skincare - skin still remain "abit matte" and after a few hours skin still doesn't look oily (normally with the rich moisturizing skincare that I'm using.. my skin will start to look a bit shiny after afew hours of applying) .

So this is a good mask to be use before makeup if you want to keep the sebum in bay for a few hours.

I also received B.liv deluge me - deep hydrating overnight mask (will do a review on this sooon)

B.liv Don't get mad get matte absolute matte Mask sheet is available from May 2014 onwards
Price : SD$17.95

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Product was provided for consideration.
I'm not affiliated with the company
Review was base on my personal experiences

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