A nude eye make up with Catrice Absolute Bright eyeshadow Palette

In this post, I will be using Catrice Eyeshadows that I've received recently (link).  To create a nude eye makeup look ..... a very very simple eye makeup.

NUXE White is a skincare range formulated for Asian skin - the range was very lightweight and easy on the skin especially on our hot and humid weather. The NUXE White Daily UV Protector from this range was lightweight, easy on the skin with good sun blocking power.

NUXE Brightening Program BB cream only available in one universal shade (will blend and shift to your skin tone) .. This was alittle bit dark on me... I look a bit tan~

First time trying this Prime and Fine Anti-red base from Catrice (One of their new product for the spring/summer release) ... this is quite "GREEN"!! Does neutralizes the redness.. but this also feels a bit dry on my cheeks (which is the drier part on my face)

Makeup For Ever HD Press powder - their HD powder in pressed form - I find this pressed version feels alittle bit drier as compare to their loose powder form (but still feel very smooth)

Catrice SUN GLOW Shimmer Bronzing powder (this doesn't look too dark on me... ) I don't really contour my face... but I do like using bronzer as cheek colors (more on the outer cheeks)

Illamasqua Gleam cream in Aurora - A nice and soft highlighter shade

Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion in Eden

Catrice Absolute Bright eyeshadow palette (using the pink in the middle) on my lids
And the plum shade from the Catrice eyeshadow quad on my crease

Using the icy pink (3rd from the left)

And the matte plum shade on the right

Loving the Herion Make liquid liner and the new reformulated Heroine Make Volume and curl mascara (I will do a details review on this soon!)

Both doesn't smudge and hold up well on the crazy humid and hot weathers we have lately!

Kpalette 24hr tattoo liquid brow liner and Benefit gimme brow mascara (I like the formula and the brush applicator.. I just hope they have a brighter and more redish shade)

Arrrggg... the pictures turn out a bit messy~
my hair (excuse my wet hair)... the angle...  the setting (too bright)
... arrggg... arrrggggg.... hai~
I'm still getting used to a camera without a flip screen!! I miss having a flip screen  :(


Can tell that my face is kinda "tan" right??? ... I shouldn't be using the bronzer as blush shade when U used a darker base color. It's kinda hence and darken my skin tone even more! ( lolx)

And I totally forgot to put on some lip colors!!!!!

The only good thing in these 3 pics is my eyeliner and mascara (they look pretty good right? lolx)
I think I should get a hanging mirror... so that I can peek into the screen of the camera~

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Thanks for viewing my blog...
Have a great weekend ahead <3

I'm going to drown myself with TV shows "Devious Maids" or "Melissa and Joey" or maybe watch a horror movie "Insidious 2"... kekeke (I'm full of option~ lolx)

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