2014 May BellaBox - Get Active

In the May 2014 Bella Box - Get Active, they do have some pretty fun products that I kinda looking forwards to try it!! Just like the theme of the box.. all the sample are quite useful.

 The Balm How 'Bout Them Apples Cheek & Lip Cream Palette
In the box we got the sample of "PIE" shade

The sample is the miniture version of the actual palette with a sample shade "PIE"

Keranove nutrition & care treatment ampoules for dry and damaged hair

Benza AC 5%
I've tried this before and it's not really agreeing with my skin - and for those who have sensitive skin like mine... this is a good size to test it out!

Activa starter Vitamin C

Sebastian Professional color ignite mono shampoo and conditioner

Full size
Triple Dry Fresh Anti-perspirant refreshing ladies fragrance roll-on
(SD$15.90 -50ml)

Herblean Whitening & Hydration Mask

Dr Jart+ Bounce beauty balm

Full size
Nip + Fab Body Butter Pistachio sundae

I have been wanting to try this!!

This used to be my fave when my skin wasn't dry or too sensitive 
(a bit harsh, but the skin feel so smooth and clean!)

Himalaya Herbals gentle exfoliating apricot scrub..
There's a stand-along store of at Harbour Front level 2
(A huge selection of Himalaya products from head to toes)

Monthly subscription fee per box is SD$19.95

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The bellabox is provided for consideration
I'm no affiliated with the company

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