Monday, April 28, 2014

Uncover my skin age with SK-II Magic Ring

Sometimes last week, pop by SK-II counter for the beauty counselling test on my skin age with the Magic Ring.

Magic Ring 
Mapping the 5Ds for proof of crystal clear skin transformation 
Transformation begins with first rooting out underlying issues within the skin, in order to better tailor skincare regimens to match skin's needs. With the launch of Magic Ring, the latest skin analysis device from SK-II leveraging today's advanced technologies, the luxury skincare brand delivers an enhanced skin care counseling experience at its beauty counters to help women embark on their skin transformation journey.

The magic ring will focus on the 5 elements : Texture, radiance, firmness, pores and wrinkles

I always want to know how my skin is doing, because I'm quite proud that I have been taking good care of my skin... with good hydrating products and sun protection! I want to look young no matter how old I've aged!! lolx

But lately, skin hasn't been doing so well, cos of the skin allergy I have last month and is slowly recovering from the dryness. So I believe my skin age will be quite old... if not older then I am now... since dryness is quite a huge problems for aging skin!

So I decided to take up this challenge and start using Sk-II products (since, my skin is feeling so much better now, I can start drowning my skin with good anti-aging products).

But, before I start... I had my skin analysed by the SK-II Magic Ring...

My result (I think without makeup skin test will be more accurate)

My skin age is 34years old... I'm 34 years old NOW (will be 35 in November!!!)
So the dryness of my skin does pull down my skin age
(Dryness lead to weak texture, firmness and radiance!!)

Now ... I need to SK-II my skin! lolx
(Will be back in a month time to see whether my skin got become younger ^_^)