Friday, April 25, 2014

Review : Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject mask

Recently, Sexy Look launched The Micro Inject Series, the latest technology in Japan. A double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre ergonomic design mask sheet to ensure maximum care. Unique hydronet pumps up skin moisture while giving it a firming effect, feeling soft and supple after use.

This series contains 3 types of masks - all meant for hydration : Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Rice Extract.

In this post, I will be reviewing the Rice Extract Micro Inject masks.

If you are a regular of my blog, you will know that I'm crazy about products that contains "rice" ... always make my skin feel happy and nice! lolx

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject is specially formulated with rice, yeast and sake kasu extracts for deep moisturizing, hydrating and skin reviving. Helps to boost skin's youthfulness, reduces the appearance of fine lines while keeping skin fresh and energized.

Ingredients list

The thin mask was sandwiched between 2 protective sheets

The mask fix nicely on the skin

Here's my initial review on this Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject mask
  • The mask feel wet and fully soak up with the amazing serum but doesn't feel too messy (that the serum will be dripping everywhere)
  • Very thin piece of mask, stay(fit) on the skin nicely
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • Not burning nor stingy sensation
  • Doesn't cause any break-up (no spots after the day of masking)
  • The mask feel really cooling on the skin
    (though after about 12 mins into masking, skin does feel a little bit (just a tiny bit) "stuffy" I think I'm just feeling kinda warm - but when I touch the mask, the mask still feel pretty cooling.. hmm... maybe I'm over-thinking it! lolx)
  • After 15mins of masking, the mask still feel wet (which is nice, cos I know that it won't dries up my skin!)
  • Skin feel really soothing and hydrated
  • The mask is very hydrating - I can see that my "dry" skin doesn't feel as dry the next day (when I put on finishing powder, the dryness doesn't look so obvious)
When I peel off the mask, skin look and feel refreshing, the over-all complexion does look a bit more radiance.

I wash off the remaining serum on the skin (it's just me.. because I don't like to apply skincare without washing the face first and also for precaution. Since the serum already fully absorbed into the skin.. the residue is just something extra, so I rather wash it off with water only and carry on with my usual skincare routine.

After washing off with JUST water and towel dry, skin feel soft and supple (LOVE the feeling) and I can say that this mask doesn't cause any problems to me (cos I have let my skin rest for 2 days before another round of masking!)

Close up on how thin the mask was~

Beside the Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject mask, I also received a box of Lovemore Deep sea water hydrating mask. I'm looking forwards to try this (love hyrdrating mask!!!) and of-course will do a detail on it soon.

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject mask
Price : SD$3.50 per piece 

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