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Cleanser review!!! Normally, I will rotated a new cleanser every 2 to 3 weeks into using a "new" cleanser... but this time round (due to my skin condition) I try to avoid changing new skincare. So I have been using this Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cleanser for close to 2 months (almost finishing).

This tube of 150ml last pretty long (I think my mum also using it - not too sure cos I have a few cleansers siting in the bathroom). And I have been enjoy using it.

The perfect starting point for your Plantscription anti-aging regimen, this foaming cleanser utilizes potent plants to thoroughly wash away dirt, makeup and impurities in one simple step.

The gentle cleansing system contains the breakthrough anti-aging ingredient, Anogeissus, along with Oat Protein and Jasmine Flowers to condition skin and preserve the vital moisture balance.

Dead Skin cells are quickly dislodged and released, encouraging a smooth, refreshed, more youthful looking complexion.

Soothing Aloe Vera calms and soothes skin. Ideal for all skin types.

Ingredients list

Reviewing Cleanser is one of my favourite, I have sensitive skin and a lot of cleansers usually don't really agree with me... but this doesn't stop me from trying! Because of the sensitive skin, I normally paid extra attention on the product, texture, scent and how it make my skin feel on the very first use (just so I know when I should stop using before it's too late).

Usually, my choice of trying a cleanser also a key from preventing irritation - I normally will reach for hydrating, soothing and anti-aging products ... as for whitening (I will be very careful, cos I know some whitening ingredients are kinda harsh on my skin.)

So after months of trying this cleanser, I didn't quite like it at first... I find that this was a little bit too rich for my then a bit oily combination skin, so I rotate it with the L'Oreal cleanser that I have been using at that period.

But after I suffered from an allergy reaction to a sunblock that I was trying in March 2014... and this cleanser made my dry flakey skin feel so good!! Really hydrating and soothing!

Doesn't cause any skin irritation to my already irritated skin, doesn't cause any breaking-out and the cleanser didn't hurt my skin (lolx)

Really hydrating, soothing and made my skin feel so smooth and nice. And not forgetting the soothing scent.. totally enjoy using this in the shower.

Oh and I only need a tiny amount and it will lather up into thick foam (not like Biore type of chubby foam.. lolx... good enough to spread it around the skin without pulling~) and rinse off easily.

Skin feel clean and fresh without tightness.

Plantscription Anti-aging cleanser 
Price : SD$53.00 [150ml] 

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