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ORBIS Limited Edition Tropical Flavours Petit Shakes

The popular one-meal replacement from Japan - ORBIS Petit shake is launching the Petit sjake in Limited Edition Tropical flavours. Available from April 2014 onwards, the Tropical flavours consist of 4 tropical flavours :: Mango, Yogurt & Pink grapefruit, mixed tropical fruits and Acia banana & red grape.

About Petit Shake

Nutritionally Balanced
Petit Shake contains 10 kinds of vitamins, iron and a water-soluble dietary fiber. Packed with the right nutrients to meet dietary requirements, it serves as a healthy diet option as a good nutritional balance is the key to losing weight healthily.

Great Taste, Natural Sweetness
With natural sweetness from fruit extracts and real fruit pulps in every sachet, cravings for desserts can be satisfied even when one is dieting. Petit Shake makes for the perfect guilt-free snack.

Low in Calories
Each sachet of one-meal replacement Petit Shake (consumed with 100ml of cold milk) makes up approximately 150kCal. One-meal replacement for a month reduces calorie intake to assist weight loss equivalent to approximately ~2.5kg of body fat* a month.
*Results may vary.

Pectin, a thickening agent used in Petit Shake, is a natural ingredient found in fruits such as apples and strawberries. It reacts with the calcium found in milk to create a viscous, smoothie-like texture which helps to fill an empty stomach.

The four limited edition flavours from the Tropical Flavours

Mixed Tropical Fruits
Price : SD$8.90 (per box of 2 servings)
Well-balanced sour and sweet pink guava, passion fruit and pineapple flavours

Ingredients list

Price : SD$8.90 (per box of 2 servings)
Sweet burst of ripe mango flavour

Ingredients list

Acai, Banana & Red Grape
Price : SD$8.90 (per box of 2 servings)
Contains "superfruit" Acai known for its weight loss and anti-aging properties

Ingredients list

Yogurt & Pink Grapefruit
Price : SD$8.90 (per box of 2 servings)
Mixed flavour of mildly sour yogurt and juicy pink grapefruit

I drink a lot of milk everyday, so it's easy for me to drink ORBIS Petit Shake anytime I want... BUT... I don't eat much at home and I always find it hard to find a meal to replace (I guess I love food more then going on diet~ hahaha)

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of yogurt base beverage; smoothie, juice or yogurt drink (or add yogurt in green juice -#YUM!!!), so when I see this Yogurt & Pink Grapefruit petit shake, I'm excited and can't wait to try it!!!

I not used to drinking low-fat milk.. so, this might not do much good on the "diet" part for me when using fresh milk! kekekek.. I don't care.. I just want the shake in my mouth!

Gotta use my cool gear (lolx)

The petit shake look like concentrated juice - thick and smell nice~

mix in 100ml of fresh milk and stirr - the shake will start to thicken ~

- A thicker version of yogurt juice/drink~
(I can add more milk to make it less thick, but the refreshing "fruity" taste will be diluted and become more "milky" which I don't mind anyway~)
- The taste was pretty mild, not as thick, sour nor sweet 
- Has a mild milky yogurt~y taste..
- Not as fruity as fruit juices or smoothies 
- Quite refreshing 
- I do not feel any different or cause any stomach issue after trying out the petit shake 
(I like to snack around mid afternoon, so with this petit shake, I can avoid nomming bread or anything I can find on the dining table~ kekeke... more healthy too!)

I quite enjoy the petit shake (I wanna go stock up some other flavours)... finshed up one serving within a few seconds (lolx) I hope I can have more per serving! (greedy~).

I will try the rest of the flavours soon (and edit in my thoughts on the taste soon)

Retail Price:
- $8.90 for a box (2 servings), Limited Edition Flavours
- $6.90 for a box (2 servings), Regular Flavours

Available at :
- Bishan Junction 8 #01-46
- Orchard Robinson (Hereen)
- Raffles City Robinson

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