My 6th customizable VanityTrove

I pick up another customizable Vanity Trove sometimes back - not much new stuff, so I pick those some that my mum and sisters will like~

As usual, choose 6 samples (full/travel/Sachet) per Vanity Trove box of SD$25 (No limit on how many box you wanna get each time.)

The overview of the samples I've picked~
The samples I've picked are quite all-rounded (from body, cleansing, snack to makeup)

Jane Iredal

 Canmake Gel eyeliner

But the product was sooo close to the xxpiration date
I need to do a patch test before trying this on my eye lids

Eco Clinic multi therapy hair treatment

Seba med Olive Face & Body Wash
For sensitive and delicate skin

Vaseline Healthy white instant fair (100ml)

Slim secrets Protine bar 
(I can't take high protein stuff now cos of my eczema outbreak - gonna pass this to my sister.. since she like caramel snacks)

Freebies from Vanity Trove

 L'Oreal Dermo-expertise white perfect Laser anti-spot brightening essence

Fruity Lite Tea
Not too sure whether this work to slim down.. but this is quite yummy as hot tea!

Subscription :
SD$25 per trove box

Check out my Vanity Trove Profile as I do mini reviews over there on selected item.

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Credit was provided to purchase the box.
I'm not affiliated with the company

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