2014 April random post 01 : Peapea and Buibui

If you have been following me on instagram, you may have saw all these pictures before.. but then again, I really enjoy showing them "EVERYWHERE" lolx .... (tell me who doesn't love showing off their love one?)

No matter what they do...
They all look so cute.....

Awww~ devoted Buibui

Playing with my sis's doll.... hahahaha...

Love love love
Peapea big fat nose~

I hate these wipes (donno why I got these instead of my usual watsons wet wipes)

Peapea and buibui photobombing the pic!!
I didn't know that Johnson & Johnson got this Milk and Rice range!! 
(As a "rice" lover... I NEED to try it!!!)
This Grandma Minnie's The Big, Brave Boo-Boo balm from VMV is LOVE 
(good on super dry and flakey skin!)
Not on the face (I means I never try this on facial skin)

The Limited Edition of ORBIS Petit shake is yummy

New fave fragrance from Jimmy Choo
(love the sweetness~)

New love!!!!
Daryl from Walking Dead!!!

Have been so busy lately...
I can't seem to have good focus or concentration on anything these days...
Waking up early (trying to get back to normal healthy sleep pattern)...
Going for a long walk (of at least 1.5hrs)...
play with the baby(help out... I means even if I'm just standing there staring at the baby)....

Or and not forgetting about taking care of my eczema outbreak - i's getting better.. BUT I need extra care NOT to scratch them... it's really hard to "control"!!! Still visiting TMC to have my weekly acuputure and fire needle (painful BUT worth it!)

Baby Ginny is getting more and more active... which means less boring time and relaxing time.... but my dad do most of the work at night (so he must be really tired.. so we try to take over and let him rest in the day).

Taking care of a baby is not an easy work!!!!


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