OOTD from Zalora

If you all know me better, I seldom do OOTD post (I think I never did one before, lolx) anyway, I do get asked (on emails) on the type of outfits I prefer. So might as well do one OOTD post!

I'm a chubby and I always go for something that doesn't make me look like a sausage (no tight tops!!!) I tried.. but sometimes... my tummy refuse to go in! (shake head)! I'm normally go for a comfy tshirt (big or wide round neck..) or flowy top and I LOVE BLACK clothing (I think 90% of my tops are all BLACK!)

When browsing thru Zalora Singapore... they have some really pretty clothing!

I love cardigan... so no matter the weather, I will try to pair it with a cardigan

As for pants... I love skinny jeans, legging or jeggings (my top already quite big and flowy.. I need something tight at the bottom so that I won't look like a potatoe!!!)

Sling bag or tote bag! 
This white sling bag from Perllini is quite cute hor~

As for footwear - 
I used to LOVE wearing heels.. but I donno why heels are quite a pain to wear nowsaday (maybe I put on too much weight or the quality just suck too much as compare to before)

So I either wear flipflop or converse (just change the lace to something colorful!)

I love accessories.. but I don't have a habit to wear them out often!
Always forgot... except studs

These are quite cute right?!? I think Forever 21 and H&M have some really cute one too!!!

If I do remember to put on accessories.. it would be bangles
They are easy to wear and make any outfits look complete~  

This peace bangle is quite cute (I WANT!)

Zalora is really a one-stop online webstore from head-to-toes.. I can get the whole Outfit to shoes to accessories to makeup on the webstore alone!!!! And they do next day delivery which is really cool.. cos I hate the "waiting" period!

Do check out dresses at Zalora for some cute, new and promotion item!

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