NUXE White A skincare range for transparent and rosy skin

If you have been checking out my skincare reviews back when I start beauty blogging (2009), you will know that I'm not a huge fan of whitening skincare products .. they are a little tricky to use for sensitive skin (mainly the reason of some active ingredients or the oil contents) or for my problematic skin. I don't mine using whitening cleansing products (cleansing oil, cleanser or makeup remover) and makeup products (sunblock, foundations, bbcreams or primers)... I believe is the fomulation ... not as intense as a "skincare" products.

Anyway... I still try to use some, because you never know (just have to take extra step in doing a patch test (or when I'm lazy.. use a sheer layer all over the skin) and see what happened after 3days.

Just like I'm totally surprised how Hada Labo Whitening lotion work so well and feel so good on my skin.

Anyway, after hearing about NUXE White.. I'm quite interested in it and how it's going to works. Since this range was designed for Asian skin.

NUXE White is a ritual inspired by a bouquet and delivering exceptional results.

Explored the heart of prodigious flowers such as White Crocus (exclusive patent), stargazer lily, porcelain rose (exclusive patent) and cherry blossom to identify high performance molecules which work in synergy with vitamin C on the 3 key factors of skin transparency : Whiteness, Luminosity and hydration. (This 3 key point is my selling points... usually.. I'm not really into whitening products since I was quite fair.. but I'm into skincare that are for brightening/radiance and hydration!)

Has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarity of the complexion and the rosy appearance of the skin.

NUXE White consists of 6 basis skincare products (6 steps) - Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, sun protection and sheet mask. I'm bummed that this range doesn't has an eye cream.

NUXE White Brightening Purifying foam
A gentle sulfate-free surfactants with high foaming power that do not irritate the skin.
Derivatives of coconut, corn and sunflower to compensate for the drying effect of cleansing.

 NUXE White Brightening Moisturizing lotion
A very gentle micro-exfliating effect, all thanks to extract of hibiscus flower, a highly concentrated in pyruvic acid as effective as AHAs but far less irritating (cos of the hugh proportion of mucilage)

Smoothed and refined skin texture with the 100% natural hyaluronic acid that preserves water at the skin's surface and avoids dryness.
NUXE White Intensive whitening dark spot correcting serum
A highly concentrated formula of brightening active ingredients.
Extract of cherry blossom leaves with strong moisturizing powers.
No greasy or sticky feeling on the skin.

NUXE White Brightening moisturizing Emulsion
Price powder absorbs excess sebum, matifies without blocking the pores and leaves a very silky finish
NUXE White Daily UV protector SPF 30+++
A triple protection for the skin against all environmental aggressions.
Ultra-fluid and non sticky texture that does not leave any white film and can be applied before your daily moisturizer or as a base for make-up all year round.

NUXE White Brightening perfecting mark (sheet mask)
A non-woven and 100% cotton mask that promotes the diffusion of active ingredients to the heart of the skin. A lifting and elastic organic film made from oat sugars to tighten the pores.
(Not available in Singapore yet)

NUXE's Commitments
  • Selection of natural active ingredients
  • Products without mineral oils or animal-origin ingredients
  • Non-comedogenic products
  • Test carried out by an independent laboratory approved by the Ministry of research to ensure optimal safety and efficacy
  • Preservative system without paraben
  • Contribution to environmental protection : preference for recyclable materials...

NUXE White will be available at all Beauty by Nature stores (VivoCity/Parkway Parade and ION Orchard) and Selected Watsons Outlets.

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