Majolica Majorca Chaper 40 Eye Hunter

Majolica Majorca always launched beautiful products - I means the packaging and the story behind each chapters (which is always limited edition) are always fun and interesting.

Although some products were kinda ordinary(from pass collections)... but it doesn't means they ain't GOOD! Majolica Majorca always produce good quality products. And as usual this new Limited Edition Chapter 40 Eye Hunter is all about eye liners! Two new colors from their Perfect Automatic Liners (My fave!!!) and a new black liquid liner (Line hunter) plus another 2 new colors from the Honey Pump Gloss Neo.

Liner Hunter (Black Color)
Price :  SD$19.90


 Two New Colors
Perfect Automatic Liner
Shade VI303 and RD303
Price : SD$22.90

VI303 and RD303
RD303 and VI303

RD303 and VI303

 Two new Colors
Honey Pump Gloss Neo
Shade : OR202 and PK101
Price : SD$12.90

OR202 and PK101

The new 5 products from Chapter 40 Eye Hunter

 At the preview, they always show casing the Ma Cherie Products
Introducing the NEW refill pack!!

Read more about Ma Cherie and my review (link)

Air Feel Condition SD$13.90
Moisture Condition SD$14.50

Air Feel Shampoo SD$13.90
Moisture Shampoo SD$14.50

Goodies that I got to bring home and try~
Will do seperate review on the liners soon!
Read about my Ma Cherie airy feel shampoo and conditioner review (here)

The event card is quite cute ^_^

Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie will be available exclusively at 
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