Introducing For Beloved One Advanced Arbutin Whitening Series

Recently For Beloved One launched a new update version of their whitening range - For Beloved One Advanced Arbutin Whitening Series.

A new and upgraded Whitening series with new interesting ingredients that will helps slow down the
melanin formulation from the roots!

Newest, effective whitening - 72 Hours Golden Repair period
72 Hours after sun exposure, our skin undergoes a "delaying tanning" process where new melanin is generated to make our skin darker. Just because it require time for production, the key to whitening lies in utilizing the 72 hours repair period to fight the tanning process. Known as the cosmeceutical whitening expert, For Beloved One discovered that by combinaing α-Arbutin and DNA whitening technology, they can take advantage of this 72 hours to rescue the skin from the aftermath of sun exposure. Inhibiting melaini layer by layer creating skin that is flawless, radiant and immune to turning darker.

Block Melanin Production from the roots
After sun exposure, skin will be stimulated and begin to produce melanosomes (cellular site for melanin formation and storage) to protect itself.

- Strengthens Skin's defense against UV rays
- Inhibits tyrosinase activity
- Brighten and smooth skin surface

Thwart melanin commands
Once stimulated by sun exposure, skin sends out the message that it is hurt, thus stimulating MITF, the "master regulator" of that controls melanocyte function and melanin synthesis process, to command skin DNA to begin producing melanin.

Whitening Peptide¹² β-White
- Encapsulated in a liposome vehicle
- High penetration to skin's basal layers
- Prevent MITF from giving commands
- Prevents formation of melanosomes from the very origin.

Perfect Balance-create smooth flawless skin
Once melanosomes are filled with pigments and matured, they will travel up to skin's surface. Traditional whitening ingredients only inhibit melanin formation, while vitamin B3 can block melanin transfer pathway to prevent pigmentation on skin surface.

Vitamin B3
- Natural Skincare ingredient
- Effectively prevents melanosomes from traveling to keratinocytes (skin surface cells)
-Increase skin's moisture content
-Maintain oil-water balance

Gentle and effective exfoliation
Dead skin cells are regularly metabolized on skin's surface. However, when the acumulation of melanin is faster than skin's metabolism, it could result in skin turning darker, and dark spot formation.

- Gently exfoliates
- Prevents tyrosinase activation

So let get onto the products (each type) introduction

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Toner
Price : SD$58

Protector of sensitive, vulnerable skin
After dead skin cells has been metablolized and sweeped away, skin calls temporarily become vulnerable. They require abundant moisture for protection until cells are matured.

- Demonstrate gentler and higher ability than retinoic acid in exfoliating accumylated dead skin cells
- Forms protective film on cells to lock in moisture and protect against harm
- Protects collagen, boost skin regeneration for better skin texture
- Mild and low-irritant

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Essence
Price : SD$109

The ultimate anti-oxidant
One of the biggest causes of cell aging which leads to aging signs is damages from free radicals and UV rays

RonaCare AP:
- Neutralize free radicals
- Soothe inflammations
- Effects continue long after sun exposure
- Adapts its protective capacity to the skin conditions of the individual

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Lotion
Price SD$75

Squalane :
- Mimics body’s natural moisturizer
- Lightweight texture
- does not clog pores
- Anti-bacterial
- Soften dead skin cells
- Accelerate metabolism

- Combination of plant extracts (scutellaria, white mulberry, saxifrage and grape) with very high depigmentation effectiveness
-Treats pigment irregularities, such as spots for different skin tones.
- Helps prevent damages from external environment

For Beloved One Advanced α-Arbutin Cream Mask
Price : SD$100

Newest cream mask technology
Newest technology allows the cream mask texture to act as a coat to wrap in all the whitening essence. Once in contact with skin, the cream turns into essence and immediately penetrates into skin's basal layers, allowing optimal absorption.

- Coating capability
Protects ingredients, enhance absorption
- 3% Essence
For optimal whitening results
- Contains yeast extract
Regulates skin metabolism, brightens and refines skin texture

This cream mask feel really soothing, moist and nice on the skin~ I will do a seperate detail review on this once I tried it for a period of time.

For beloved one series is available exclusively at Sephora

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