Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GOSH Cosmetics Spring 2014 collection

Sometimes back... can't remember when (ok la.. the last day of Jan 2014 - say so on the date of each images taken), I popped by Wisma Sasa outlet (newly opened) to check out GOSH Cosmetics new product launches.

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Finally GOSH Cosmetics is launching their stunning new season makeup (for spring~)
Below are some of the new launches I touched at the Sasa Wisma outlet~

 Have you check out the wide range of GOSH nail polishes?
OHMY GOSH polishes was their latest launches~
Price : SD$13.90

GOSH Cosmetics CC Cream (Illumiating foundation)
Available in 3 shades 
Price : SD$31.90
Sadly the one I got in the bloggers kit are way too dark for me to try :( 

Here are the swatches of the 3 available shades
(I got 04)

GOSH Cosmetics Waterproof Volume mascara
Price : SD$21.90

Darling Lashes - Extreme volume mascara 
Price : SD$21.90
(extreme is the selling point for me~)

The brush application doesn't look promising 
(I will try this out and do a review on this soon)

GOSH Smokey eye liner
Price : SD$18.90
Available in 4 shades

Swatches of the 4 smokey eyeliners

This is exciting new launches!!
GOSH Cosmetics Hair products!

GOSH Cosmetics Hold me baby! Hairspray
Price : SD$18.90

GOSH Cosmetics Argan oil

GOSH Cosmetics Pump up the Volume hair powder
Price : SD$12.90

My eyes sparkles when I sees this!!
GOSH Cosmetics Fresh Up! Dry shampoo

Here's the products I received in the kit
I will do a another post on the products - except the cc cream - too dark, can't use it :(

With international makeup artist Ms Sidsel Marie Bøg
Why my face so big!!!Arggggg~

GOSH Cosmetics is available exclusively at all SaSa Stores

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