Monday, March 10, 2014

Bensimon Addicted to LOVE Campaign by Common Thread

On Saturday, Ming( and I popped by ION Orchard to check out the Bensimon "Addicted to Love" Campaign by CommonThread.

It's a nice and warm day... not too hot, but we spent most of the time indoor (shopping and eating) so the little humid (haze) doesn't bother me anyway...  (lolx)

Love all these colorful shoe laces~

All we need to do is untie a shoelace to bring the lovebirds closer together and stand to win vouchers or a pair of Bensimon sneakers~

 Hmm... which one should I untie~

I won a 20% discount gift voucher ~

(just kidding~)

Extra treat for Instagram addicts!
If you have popped by last Saturday and got a shoelace from Bensimon, you can wear the shoelace as a bracelet and upload the pic(with the shoelace) on instagram and hashtag #BensimonSG and follow @CommonThreadSG to stand a chance to win a pair of Bensimon sneakers!


Overall- it's a fun Campaign~ 
I want all the color of the shoelace!! Kekekeke~ (I got the pink one~)

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