A littte update and rambling on my skin condition

 (Since I got no decent pic of myself... I going to put kawaii dogs and baby instead)

This year 2014, I make a promise to myself that I wanna do more makeup related posts on the blog, because, I have been too lazy to take pictures after I put on makeup and I kinda blog more on product launches and skincare reviews.

Well.. reason being my skin(face) have been a little naughty and giving me a lot of headaches!! So, will learning about new skincare that are skin friendly are what I'm concerning about lately.....

After awhile blogging start to feels a little boring.. it feels more like homework then fun/hobby for me!!! I wanna feel the fun and joy at blogging!! I want to be ALIVE (ok,ok.. this is a bit too much, hahahah)

But bad stuff happened! (If you have been following me on twitter you already knew that I have been feeling emo about my skin condition!)

Ever since I have some issue with my eczema (inflammation on my legs) last month(mid Feb)... my skin condition went down with it after I visit a TCM near my home.  (Just a day before my sister gave birth.. and I have been quite helpless when the baby around.. don't feel like touching her becos of my ugly skin... and I kinda feel bad cos I feel bad, itchy and painful! I scare ppls look at me and think I got some weird disease. Life suck!!!!)

Baby Ginny and Buibui

I think the medication trigger hives and it become the worse ever hives I've ever experienced in my 34 years of breathing!!! The itch was so unbearable that I scratch until all my skin feel so raw and sore (and not forgetting the horrible scars!!!) ... so horrible that I have to cover all up even in the hot 34°C weather! Imagine the itch, the flamming hot skin and sweat mixing together!!! (I feel like dying!)

And what seem bad GOT worse... I got allergy reaction to a "sunblock" I use on my face, which result in dry bumps around my face and eyes(which made my eye look swollen!!!) ....

The good news was that I visited another TCM on Thursday and after acuputure and fire needle all over my eczema and my arms/chest... I feel better, the itch subsiding and my eczema kinda get better!(I'm happy~) But physically wise - I still look horrible :(

The fire needle is like burning a needle and poke it all over the skin again and again (x100times or more), I was lying there for about an hour... constantly poking my skin with burned needle! (Minus the pain.. skin kinda feel good! Agggg.. I'm not bian tai ok! hahahaa)

Edited (March 31, 2014)
After the 3rd visit to the TCM Clinic - the hives/eczema (全身性湿疹) was trigger by my immune system (no wonder I keep having hives for since late 2012!!!) The sinseh say he can make me better.. I have been reporting back to him every week for acuputure, fire needling and draw blood (whatever - as long as I feel better). Happy that my scars were reducing.. they look so much better now.. and I hope soon.. I can be itch free and my eye lid wont be that dry!

I fussed about my skin condition a couple days ago (link+pics)

 Notice my swollen eye? lolx

For the time being, I have to stop reviewing NEW skincare, STOP putting on makeup and AVOID going outside (I just wanna be dramatic about my sadness! Hahahaha) cos I cannot face the world yet! (or cover my face... I can wear sunglasses.. but it's just too much work!)....  I think I will be ok soon (I means my face) and I can be pretty again with makeup... (just ignoring the fact that my body wound would take a forever to be flawless again!)

SO for the time being - my skincare products are the one that I'm trust and have no issue with my sensitive skin~ (mostly deep hydrating products to ease the dry flakey skin.)

The Belif Peat Miracle revital eye cream is creamy and good to ease the the dry spots on my eye lid and around the eyes. Make my eyes look less swollen~

Albion essence, Hada Labo perfect gel (or Belif Aqua bomb) and Origins Drink up intensive overnight mask are great hydrating products!! Good for sensitive skin!! Oops I forgot to include La Roche-posay/Vichy spa water in the pic!

Thanks Bio-oil for sending me a bottle to heal my scars once the wound is healed
And when the pain's gone.. I'm gonna shower in Bio-oil

When I'm off with the medication, I'm going to drown myself with kind of supplement for beautiful skin!!!! (One of them is Skinbiotics Even+ whiter)

I need it!!! Else the slow process of healing without any help is gonna be a long and sad journey!!!

Thanks Huiting and Shumin for the understanding that I cannot review this awesome products that they've send me recently! 

But I will get to it once I sure I can start trying new skincare ( Dr Qu - A herbal-based skincare products that was infused with Demodicidin, a unique formulation of scientific technology and traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stop Demodex and prevent them from causing damage to the skin.)

Because seriously, I think this set of skincare will kinda helps in someway (check out their website for more information)

I hope that I will feel better soon (sooner) and get back to my usual boring life.... I find that this little huge episode of skin condition kinda ruin my little random life!

I want to be boring and random again!!!!!

Thanks for putting up with my rambling.... I just need an outlet for me to release some of my "stress"!!!

And not forgetting my peapea

Sorry for my bad bad bad english~

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