Review on GoodSkin Labs FIRM 365 Facial Firming Serum

One of the down side of aging beside "aging", wrinkles and getting chubbier... is sagging skin! We are quite hopeless when it comes to gravity! So we have to pile on more products on our skin to prevent it.

GoodSkin Labs FIRM-365 promise to improve skin radiance and keep skin firm - I know my chubby face are pretty hopeless ... so I only interested in whether this can make my skin look bright and radiance~ I wanna blind peoples from glowing so that they won't notice my double chin! (Kekekkee)

For more details on GoodSkinLabs FIRM-365 (link

Ingredients list
Ignore the Dimethicone (most of the anti-aging product contain this) and focus more of the lovely ingredients like vitamin C & E, turmeric (link), grapefruit, grape seed extract, pomegranate, Sodium hyaluronate and ects...

Alway love the idea of a pump tube~ 
Easy to get product out without contaminated the rest of the product

The packaging of this tube is so girly (minus all the wording on the front and back) the white, pink and yellow mades it look cute too!

The serum - a pale goldish thick gel base texture.. does contain some gold mica~

I have been trying out the serum for a few weeks now and start rotating with other serum products after using it continuous for the first 2 weeks.

My very first impression of the serum was - it feels a little bit sticky and thick on the skin - but after using it for awhile (maybe I got used to it).. I don't find it sticky anymore... it still feel a bit thick on the skin.

Now, whenever I used this product... it absorbed quick and really well into the skin, doesn't feel sticky on me anymore and totally enjoying the velvety smooth finishing

Skin does look a bit radiant - because of the mica.. but the shimmers doesn't look obvious on the face.

Work well with the moisturizer that I was using (Which is Peat Miracle Revital cream).

I didn't experiences any skin irritation nor breaking-out

I didn't see any obvious skin firming for the time being...  I will keep using it because we all know that result takes time (Some will take more then a few months to see visible results).

And I believe the results will be more obvious if I massage my face...  because of my sensitive skin, I skip the "massaging" steps.

Overall, I do enjoying using this product.

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GoodSkin Labs FIRM 365 Facial Firming Serum is available all SASA outlets
Price : SD$68

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