Review : DHC Deep Cleansing oil

Before trying out DHC or before they launched in Singapore years ago... DHC Deep Cleansing oil is quite popular among many beauty lovers. I heard a lot but never really tried it.

Received the DHC Deep Cleansing oil sometimes back and now.. after trying this out for a period of time, I'm going to do a little review on this hyped product (finally! lolx)

  • A botanical cleansing oil that gently protects skin while removing makeup and unclogging pores thus revealing radiant skin.
  • Lipophilic when blending with makeup but hydrophilic when mixed with water thus making it easy to wash off.
  • Contains Olive Virgin oil, rosemary, Liquorice derivatives and beauty essences such as Vitamin E.
  • Fragrance, additive colour and paraben free.

Ingredients list~

After using this for about a month - I can now so a little review on this cleansing oil.

It does emulsify well~

Cleansing oil is the only makeup remover that I use to cleanse off my makeup (including eye's makeup) .. I do use waterbase remover, point makeup remover, cleansing water and even makeup remover sheets.. but I always go back to cleansing oil (those that can be emulsify).

****Anyway, back to DHC Deep Cleansing oil*****

The texture of the oil was consider a little thick as compare to most of the cleansing oil I've ever tried.  Even with the "thickness", the oil feel quite smooth and spread around the skin easily. It doesn't feel too thick on the skin though. Less thicker then applying Extra Virgin Olive oil on the skin or baby oil on the skin (to remove makeup)

Consider decent at cleansing off  base and color makeup, just a little weak on water proof mascara. I need to let it soak and "massage" lightly to remover very strong waterproof mascara (eg: ZA "Volume Killer", majolica majorca). Sometimes I need to double cleanse it to totally removed all the mascara.

  • I like that it rinse off easily 
  • Doesn't cause any irritation
  • No breaking out (on my face)
  • Skin doesn't feel tight nor dry (quite moisturizing)
My experiences of using cleansing oil ::
I prefer that the main ingredients of the cleansing oil to be "Mineral oil" because they cleanse makeup off easily, especially hard to remove waterproof mascara. DHC Deep Cleansing oil doesn't contain mineral oil and cleanse well. Just need a little work on "waterproof" mascara.

Overall, I tried better cleansing oil that cost cheaper then the DHC Deep Cleansing oil... but if you are looking for cleansing oil that doesn't contain mineral oil - this is a good alternative as compare to some counter brands (which most of them DOES contains mineral oil!)

Note : I always use my own cleanser after using any makeup remover to remove my makeup (double cleanse!)

DHC is available exclusively in Watsons
Price :: SD$42

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