Naturals by Watsons - Argan Oil Body Lotion (Review)

Argan oil, the "liquid gold" for skin - A moisturizing oil traditionally used againt juvenil acne, flaking skin and nourishing dry damaging hair. Because of it rich vitamins and antioxidants, it become more and more popular.

And Naturals by Watsons also jump into the Argan oil's bandwagon. Argan Oil Body Lotion - Revitalising and ultra nourishing lotion that will improves skin elasticity.

Contains ECOCERT Certified Organic Argan oil from Morocco which is naturally rich in essential fatty acids. Its intense nourishing and moisturizing effects provide nutrition and protection to the skin. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin K from Soil Association Certified Organic Avocado oil and Wheat Germ Oil provide revitalising effects, keeping the skin soft and supple after use.

The texture of the lotion

  • A light-weight moist lotion-y texture.

  • The lotion doesn't feel too heavy on the skin, the texture of the lotion was pretty moist and not too oily consider the facts that this contains quite a number of oil contents.

  • On the skin, it does has a slight "oily" feel.. but that was more of a lotion texture, once absorbed skin feel smooth, soft and the oiliness went away.

  • I like that the lotion doesn't feel stuffy (breathable) nor sticky on the skin.

  • Doesn't causes any skin irritation.

Ingredients list
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Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Body Lotion
Price : SD$6.90 (490ml)

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