Beautiful Radiance skin with Dettol + Giving away SD$100 Dettol Hamper

It's not too hard to maintain a good healthy lifestyle that will makes you and your skin beautiful. BUT due to our hectic lifestyles or simply (just like me) the laziness get the best out of you... we kinda forget about our skin (health). Although Sleeping is also a way to relax and get beautiful skin. (I'm just trying to reason my laziness only.. lolx).. that's alone just wasn't enough!

So brands are releases all kind of products to help us get that beautiful radiance glow~ We can start by using it.. lolx (Since we all need to shower everyday right?)

The kind peoples from Dettol Singapore, they send me a basket of skin goodies to make my skin beautiful - and not to long ago, I did a review on the Dettol Radiance bodywash (link) and I'm going to share some tips or just what I do to keep my skin soft, radiance and healthy.

Before I begin, I have sensitive and eczema skin condition - I get irritate skin and rashes very easily from all the conventional cleansing/scrubbing method.


Normally we use shower brush in the shower or for the "dry brushing" method to stimulate the lymphatic, reducing cellulite and also to clear away dead skin cells on the skin surface - but due to my skin condition - I cannot use the brush (it's just irritate my skin like hell! lolx).

I'm not saying that brushes are NOT good... it is a wonderful tool for shower if you do not have any skin condition nor sensitive skin. You can read more about "Dry Brushing" (here)

So my method::
Muslin towel, cotton towel or loofah
These will help to lather up shower/bath gel faster and also helps to wipe away dead skin cells without irritate the skin (must do it softly.. PLEASE do not rub it!)

I enjoy using oil with salt (sea salt)  - a mixture of both and lightly massage it all over the body or some very mild body scrub. Sometimes, I just mix in a little bit of the salt into the shower gel and lather it all over my body (the salt are mostly kinda dissolved.. I won't feel the harshness)


The skin on my body was pretty dry.. so I love deep moisturizing products like oil and cream.
After shower I either use a bath conditioner (Nivea or LUSH), follow by oil (Beautifying oil from The body shop) and if it's not enough I will apply a layer of skin lotion or body butter.

Oil will make skin feel soooooo soft the next day... even if you do not have dry skin.. Just try it and be amaze by how soft the skin can feel. (Extra Virgin olive is good for skin, but they are way thicker then normal body oil)

From the Inside
Oh and not forgetting we are what we eat... so the type of fruits, foods and drinks we takes will change our skin condition too!

Drink plenty of water (3000ml of liquid - if you think it's just too much water)..... at least have 1500ml of just water and top up the balance with green juice, milk what every drinks you like (no alcohol please - it dehydrate your brain too!)... alittle coffee and tea are alright (just avoid the sugar!)

Due to our hectic lifestyle and unstable meal timing - having one glass of green juice (Fruits/Vegs) provide all the vitamins, protein and fibers you need for the day..... try to get those without sugar... we don't need extra since fruits already contains all the sugar we need!

Oh and high antioxidant foods and fruits make you look younger too!

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