Review on The NEW Senka Speedy Perfect Whip

SENKA, a brand that develop safe, environmental-friendly and allergy-free products are launching a new Mousse Cleanser into their huge range of skincare products - Speedy Perfect Whip (The mousse version of their original Perfect Whip cleanser)

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip will be available exclusively at Watsons from 6th Feb 2014 onwards, retailing at SD$13.90 for 150ml (Refill pack SD$10.90 for 130ml)

It said that the new cleansing technology helps in removing all the dirt/impurities and other cleansing ingredients quickly and easily. Remove dirts and impurities leaving skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Instantly creates thick, creamy foam for deeper cleansing
  • Creates thick, creamy foam with one pump
  • New Cleansing Technology ::
    • Removes dirt/ impurities and oil gently and effectively without stripping away essential moisture. 
    • Quick and easy rinsing (half the time required!)
  • Moisturizing ingredient- White cocoons
  • Leave skin soft, smooth and moisturized
  • Suitable for all skin types

The foam feel quite light weight (airy) but surprisingly not too "wet" and was quite dense.

The air bubbles wasn't too huge and they were quite even sized!

After trying out the cleanser for a period of time (which is about 2 months), I really enjoy using it. The Cleanser mousse cleanse well... skin feel clean and doesn't have the drying/tight feeling.

  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation (no itchiness)
  • Doesn't cause any breaking-out
  • Skin feel soft after rinsing off the cleanser mousse
  • Skin doesn't feel tight after padding dry with towel
  • Work well with the almost any skincares (I have rotated about 2 sets of skincares and didn't cause any problems)
Skin feel clean, fresh and I like the softness of the skin. The cleanser works well on my skin, I have combination skin (mixture of dry and slightly oily skin texture) and not forgetting sensitive.

Over all, the cleanser feel good on the skin and I enjoy using it. I enjoy using cleanser that doesn't make skin feel tight or take out too much of my natural skin oil.

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip will be available exclusively at Watsons
Price : SD$13.90 (150ml) / Refill pack SD$10.90 (130ml)

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