Introducing TSUBAKI Damage Care Hair Emulsion, Damage Care Hair Water and Shining Hair Water

TSUBAKI is proud to launch the Out-of-Bath series for the very first time in Singapore. Developed using the latest technology, the Out-of-Bath series will be introduced to complement the existing In-Bath series, as well as to provide the complete suite of hair care for Asian women.

Now there's something light for my heavy hair/combination sensitive scalp(oily la) - the water feels pretty light and make hair look glossy and oh-so-neat!

Damage Care Hair Emulsion
Price : SD$16.90 (100ml)

A leave-in treatment, the Damage Care Hair Emulsion encompasses a new highly penetrative boost formula where luxurious repair ingredients are blended with the penetrative essence for improved permeability. The ingredients penetrate deep into the core of each hair shaft to repair and restore suppleness and lustre from roots to tips without leaving any sticky residue.

  • Selected Camellia Oil
    Shine and protective care
  • Tsubaki Amino*1
    Penetrative Repair
  • Camellia Repair Butter*2
    Penetrative Repair & Moisture
  • Melanin Hole Repair Ingredient*3
    Repairs damaged melanin caused by UV-rays/ chemical treatment
  • Penetrative Essence
    Medium for ingredient penetration
Shaped using the signature TSUBAKI lines, the Damage Care Hair Emulsion not only encompasses the essence of TSUBAKI’s long standing goodness, it also embodies the cosmetic value of this new product from the Damage Care series.

(*1: Amino-acid derivative, protein *2: Camellia butter, sorbitol *3: Arginine) 

Damage Care Hair Water
Price :SD$16.90 (250ml)
Refill pack SD$13.50 (220ml)

Created to instantly repair and protect against damage, the Damage Care Hair Water makes hair elastic and lustrous right from roots to tips.
  • Repairs dry and brittle hair for a smooth feel and manageability right to the ends
  • Protects hair against UV exposure during the day
  • Refreshing scent with floral and green notes
Damage Care Hair Water contains Camellia Repair Oil*1, a blend of camellia oil and camellia butter extracted from nutrient-rich camellia seeds, to repair the core of each hair shaft and at the same time, replenish moisture to make hair elastic and lustrous.

With TSUBAKI Amino*2 as an ingredient, the Damage Care Hair Water is able to penetrate and repair damaged hair to leave hair moist and manageable from roots to tips.

*1.Camellia Oil, Camellia Butter, Dimeticone, DG 
*2.Amino-acid Derivative, Protein

Hold the spray nozzle 5 - 10 cm away from your hair and spray generously to moist the hair. Comb/ brush the sprayed hair before drying with a hair dryer or allowing hair to dry naturally.

 Shining Hair Water
Price : SD$16.90 (250ml)
Refill pack SD$13.50 (220ml)

A new addition to the Shining series, the Shining Hair Water instantly replenishes moisture and shine to the hair, making it silky smooth and lustrous.

  •  Creates silky smooth hair without oily feel
  • Protects hair against UV exposure during the day
  • Refreshing scent with floral and green notes
The Shining Hair Water is incorporated with Select Camellia Oil to repair damaged hair surface and to create a protective coating, providing hair with a rich radiance.

Blended with Camellia Leaf Essence*1 and Hyaluronic Derivative*2, the Shining Hair Water has the ability to seal in moisture throughout hair right to the core to leave hair sleek and manageable from roots to tips.

*1.Camellia Leaf Extract, DPG, Hydroxyethyl Urea 
*2. Sodium Acetylhyaluronate

Because of my oily scalp, I very much prefer the shinning range over the damage range... but as for "treatment" products for the hair tips, I'm quite ok with both range. 

I'm quite excited with the hair water - cos I can smell nice and have glossy shinny neat hair without weighing down my hair. (Will do a more details review after I and my sister try out the products for a period of time)

As for the Senka Speedy Perfect Whip - review coming up within these few days

TSUBAKI Damage Care Hair Emulsion, Damage Care Hair Water and Shining Hair Water will be available exclusively in Selected Watsons from February 2014 onwards.

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