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Introducing Black Paint® - Skincare for Pores

December 2013, BLACK PAINT® -The Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award for consecutively 5 years since 2009 under the Cosmetics & Toiletries in Japan Skincare finally launched in Singapore.

BLACK PAINT®, an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Myyuki Co.Ltd.
Since ancient times, plant oil treatments have been taught to be a secret to beautiful skin. Based on this concept, BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils, more than 50 types of essential oils, Kishu Bichotan Charcoal that suitable for various skin and body parts.

When I first check out the website after receiving the invite to the preview (to be honest, I never heard about this brand before..) and I was quite curious on the Black Paint Soap! And also the words PORE also suck me in! I can't wait to learn more about this brand, because this is so interesting!

Black Paint  
  • Made in Japan
  • Natural Organic
  • Facial Cleansing Soap
  • Easy, simple care for PORES 
  • Award Winning Item

Price : SD$49.90 (120g)
A gentle pore cleansing hand-made face soap with Kishu Bichotan Charcoal (White Charcoal) clean pores and removes oil and dirt thoroughly but gently without stripping away skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin fresh and silky smooth.
  • Deeply clean pores and removes keratotic plugs for smoother and fresher skin.
  • Removes makeup in one wash without the need of makeup remover.
  • Nourishes skin with 23 types of plant oils, amino acids from silk powder and vitamins in honey and brown sugar.
  • Kishu Bichotan Charcoal effectively absorbs impurities and delivers natural minerals
  • Organic and natural oils improve skin immunity and minimize skin irritation. 
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants.

BLACKPAINT FACE SOAP is the hassle-free, one-step solution to cleansing your face. No longer will you need a separate make-up remover!

This precious combination of plant oils, silk, honey, and super-absorbent charcoal allows both water-soluble and lipid-soluble materials to gently, naturally and completely glide away, leaving the skin fresh and clear of all cosmetics as well as dirt and excess skin oils.

BLACKPAINT treats the fundamental cause of problematic skin: the pores. Like the water at a hot spring spa, its pH is slightly alkaline. This triggers the skin’s own self-cleansing process which pushes dirt out of the pores from within. The need for harsh chemical cleansers, abrasives, artificial surfactants and antiseptic agents is eliminated, and skin regains its natural, healthy glow.

When pores fill with waste, they are forced to stay open so that even more dirt can enter. This often happens when skin has been stripped of its natural moisture barrier by solvent-type cleansers.

BLACKPAINT deeply cleans and tightens the pores, but the skin's normal moisture barrier remains intact. This barrier protects skin from external assaults, such as dry air, dirt and damaging UV sunlight, as well as preventing internal moisture from escaping.

BLACK PAINT® soaps were sold more than one million in Japan in year 2012


BLACKPAINT's combination of plant oils, silk, honey, and super-absorbent charcoal allow the complete removal of both water-soluble and lipid-soluble materials, including cosmetics, excess skin oil and air pollution. Pores are deeply cleaned and tightened, but the skin's normal moisture barrier remains intact. This barrier protects skin from external assaults, such as dry air, dirt and damaging UV sunlight, as well as preventing internal moisture from escaping.

These 23 types of organic plant oil contain natural beauty ingredients which gently protect our bare skin after facial wash. We utilized plant oils, such as precious Damask rose oil, wild rose oil and 20 types of organic materials. These are certified by Europe organizations where high environmental awareness is upheld. Moreover, we also blended our national organic tea leaves which are equally organic, too.

On top of that, BLACK PAINT® is mixed with several other natural materials such as local made Kishu Bichotan Charcoal powder, silk powder, honey, brown sugar from Kaya, Kyoto and many more.

Ingredients lists

How to use
  • Soften the soap bar slightly in hot water. Apply directly to your entire face, even on top of makeup, like a face mask. (Can be use to remove makeup)
  • Spread the soap evenly with your fingertips, and massage it in lightly. This causes circulation to be stimulated and skin to look refreshed and translucent.
  • Shut your eyes tightly and rinse. Keep eyes shut until all soap is gone to prevent the soap's salts from getting into and irritating your eyes
  • Beautifully clean skin is now ready for the next step in your beauty regime.

So interesting right~ 

Vegetable oil
Price : SD$29.90

Face wash oil for eyes (Eye makeup remover)

The oil remover prevent small wrinkles around eyes caused by dryness and the oil contains 11 kinds of organic oils and essential oils.

A bit thick and oily (like real oil)

Best Water (Toner) and Oil Water ( Lotion)

Best Water (skin Lotion)
Price : SD$59.90
A pore-minimizing toner that contains 30 types of minerals that deeply penetrates the skin (epidermis) to nourish and help restore skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss.

  • Deeply nourish skin from the 30 types of natural minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium leaving skin feeling significantly soft and supple
  • Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its moisture balance
  • Helps improve skin texture and minimize pores after cleansing
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Low irritation

30 types of Natural Mineral Facial Tone
This gentle toner should be your next step after cleansing with BLACKPAINT soap. Filled with 30 different minerals that skin needs for healthy growth and repair, it penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum (the skin's outer layer) to tighten pores and support the skin's own moisture retention barrier.

Minerals are essential to healthy skin function. Normally present in perspiration, they nourish the microbiota that produce the skin's sebum layer, which holds moisture in and blocks dirt out. Washing can remove these precious minerals, so the best thing you can do for your skin is to replace them immediately. BEST WATER does just that, with a mineral complex that closely resembles nature's own formula.

When skin loses softness through the processes of aging, the pores harden and appear larger. BEST WATER counteracts this tension, restoring the skin's youthful elasticity and allowing pores to shrink naturally. The result is a soft, hydrated and fine textured complexion.

Ingredients List

Best water paired with BLACK PAINT cleansing soap is the best mineral toner for pores.
  • Pump some BEST WATER onto your hands, 1 to 2 pumps to start.
  • Apply BEST WATER to your face with light, massaging strokes.
  • Repeat with additional pumps of BEST WATER (up to 5) until your face feels moisturized.

  • For better absorption, apply a small amount of BEST WATER at a time, rather than a large amount all at once.
  • We recommend the use of an organic cotton mask with BEST WATER.

Oil Water (Milky Lotion-like)
Price : SD$49.90

A dual-layer emulsion that regenerates, protects, soothes, and softens the skin keeping skin soft, supple, radiant and young-looking, while a delicious rose scent uplifts the spirit.

  • Top layer of organic plant oils moisturize and soften skin
  • Bottom layer of Damask Rose Water provides extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to skin
  • Rose essential oil improves fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging including pigmentation.
  • Antioxidant vitamin C which found in rose essential oil helps repair discoloured skin.
  • Provide anti-inflammatory properties that treat redness & wounds.
  • No emulsifiers, surfactants or preservatives
  • Damask Rose scent provides aromatherapy effects

Dual – Layer Emulsion

Two layers, one complete formula for regenerating and protecting your skin! Because we refuse to put any synthetic emulsifiers into our products (and onto your face), the ingredients in OIL WATER separate as they sit in the bottle. To mix them up again, just shake the bottle before using.

Ideal for sensitive and aging skin, OIL WATER helps tighten and firm up its texture. The "magic" ingredient is rose essential oil, noted for its healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin including the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, redness and uneven color. We maximize its effectiveness with a blend of organic plant oils for hydrating protection against dry air and environmental pollution.

Rose Water
There is an Old Persian saying: ‘Rose is the only thing you can take with you when you die because it’s not of this world.’ Roses are the source of exquisite oil that has a delicate, uplifting fragrance and a healing, rejuvenating effect on the skin. Damask Rose is considered the queen of all roses. It has developed its reputation as having the most powerful and effective rose oil. Rose Otto is the essential oil abstracted from the petals (essential oil – Damask Rose oil) has been used and attract women since the great ancient civilization such as Persia, Egypt and Greece.

Oil Water contains the rare and highly coveted Damask Rose essential oil, regarded since antiquity as the most powerful and effective rose oil. More than 60,000 roses are needed to distill a single ounce of it. It is can be used for essential oil purpose as well as a soothing toner since ancient time. Along with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties comes a delicate rose scent which allures the senses every time you open the bottle.

Ingredients list

Black Sponge
Price : SD$14.90
A 100% natural facial sponge made from vegetable fibre, Kishu Binchotan charcoal (White charcoal) and various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, helps removing excess oil and dead skin cells in the most delicate manner.
  • Kishu Bichotan Charcoal (White Charcoal) Kishu Bichotan Charcoal (White Charcoal) effectively absorbs impurities from water and release natural minerals for better taste.
  • Helps eliminates blackhead, dirt and oil effective 
  • Effectively clean the pores of the skin
  • 100% biodegradable, colouring and addictives free

The KONJAC SPONGE is the perfect tool for cleansing your face with BLACKPAINT soap, and can also be used without a cleanser. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and is ideal for those with oily skin and acne.

Its 100% natural vegetable fiber delicately pulls blockages from pores, while the Kishu Bichotan charcoal absorbs dirt and excess oil. You may see waste and dead skin cells coming off as flakes, a gentle exfoliation which promotes new cell growth. Skin is left with a smooth and clear finish.

  • Soak the sponge in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Press out the excess water. DO NOT TWIST the sponge.
  • Massage face/body with the sponge in a circular motion.
  • After use, rinse the sponge thoroughly. Press it between your palms to remove as much water as possible. Set in a cool place to dry.

Water Cream
Price : SD$79.90

A water-based moisturizing cream that improves visible pores, protects your skin from dryness and maintains moisture all day long. By filling the skin with moisture, it builds resistance from outdoor environment, creates a smoother and more refined skin texture.

  • Contains Morroco’s Argan Oil which improves skin metabolism and promotes moisture retention
  • The combination of 7 different types of flower oil and polymeric silicon form a protective veil   against external environment

  • Natural ingredients provides anti-oxidative effects
  • Maintain skin moisture and gives makeup long-lasting finish
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Soothingly scented with Lavender oil
Protecting the skin from dryness
A healthy skin is capable to maintain moisture at its own. However, such ability is gradually lost due to aging. When the skin's inborn ability to maintain optimum moisture levels fails, WATER CREAM steps in. It is formulated to counteract the dryness brought on by aging, the extreme effects of global warming, such as drastic temperature changes and increased UV exposure, as well as the modern world's unnatural heated and air-conditioned environments.

Natural ingredients as moisturizer
The star ingredient in WATER CREAM is Moroccan argan oil, a renowned natural anti-aging product worn by women since ancient times. This wonder-working oil, extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, is a unique blend of oils, minerals and fatty acids. It is exceptionally rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin E.

WATER CREAM complements the argan oil with 7 more organic plant oils for additional protection and moisture, restoring the skin's own youthful capability to resist drying agents from both within and without. Use it as a make-up base during the day and a moisturizing cream at night.

Ingredients list

This feel like a gel-like cream that had abit of "silicon" texture... but once blended out.. can see it turn into "water" absorbed into the skin really fast and feeling really moist.

Can you see the "water droplets".. my skin is dry when I applied the water cream~

Ostrich Balm
Price : SD$89.90 (50g)

Contains Ostrich oil, Shea butter, Macadamia nut oil
For very dry skin

A moist type of balmy texture (oily but very moisturizing)
This is the FIRST every "ostrich" balm I ever came across.. I donno how I should feel about this! lolx

Black Paint is an organic skincare - it said that this is best not to with other skincare because of their "organic" ingredients... as they may cause some kind of reaction(irritation - breaking-out) .. but the cleansing products (Soaps and Vegetable oil) can be used together with other skincare.

 I will start using them once I finished up whatever skincare that I'm using at the moment~

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