Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bliv's Fabulous Four kit

After stopping using my favourite Bliv "Off with those heads" (review) for about 6months (after using it for almost 2 yrs)... I NOW can assure myself that I cannot live without this baby!!!!

I have been using alternative and almost all related products fail me or do not work as GOOD as the Bliv Off with those heads. 

Bliv used to be available at SASA, Guardian and at a short period of time I saw Bliv in Watsons! But now, only SASA have it! So I popped by SASA and they are got this promotional set!

The retail price of a 30ml Bliv off with those heads is SD$69.95... but with extra $10, I got an additional 15ml Bliv off with those heads (this alone already worth the extra $10!!!!!!), a deluxe size sample of Hyaluronic Original (10ml), 2 pieces of Immerse me masks and a deluxe size sample of Submerge me (3ml)

Everythings is packed into this tin box... which is pretty nice and handy (recycle it or give it to my sister who love "boxes")

I never tried Hyaluronic Original and Submerge me... A good time to try too! Kekekee

I got this in Oct or November and I still see this set in SaSa.... I really like that Bliv always have good promotional kits!!!

A bottle of 30ml off with those heads last me for about 6mths or MORE... Since I have stop using this for 6 months.. I need the intense treatment!

I used it everyday (twice a day) for the first 2 to 4 weeks (At 2nd weeks I can feel that my nose become more smoother, less inflammation and doesn't clogged as often - the clogging I was referring as "black/white heads on my nose and chin)

After that, my nose will become so smooth like I have just used a nose sheet... but since I used this, I haven't been using any nose peeling/black head nose sheet!

I used this serum on my breakout, oil seeds(if I have any) and this works so much better then blemishes/acne cream!

After which, when that my skin feel smoother.... got the sebum, white/black heads under control.. I will use this serum once every 2 days or 3 times per week!

If your strawberry nose is making you stop using moisturizer and almost all black head related products doesn't work... GIVE this a try!

If you worried that this may cause irritation on you....  do patch test behind your ear for a few days (just pop by sasa and apply a tiny bit and leave it on for the rest of you shopping day... I always say... test it first before spending the money.) 

Bliv's Fabulous Four kit available at SaSa 
Price : SD$79.95