Friday, December 13, 2013

ShopperBoard a platform to organize all our online shopping

In this post, I'm going to introduce a new platform that I've came across recently - ShopperBoard - a one stop platform for us to organize all our online shopping in one place.

I believe most of you are with me when shopping online.. we opened too many tabs - all the links(url) that we've saved on our bookmark get a little bit too overwhelmed. And we kinda get lost and forgot what we are looking for initially (right?? lolx)

So this ShopperBoard let us save all our shopping(links) that we came across and get organized by saving into board foem (Like pinterest.)

ShopperBoard is Free

Sign up is very simple (can link with your facebook account)

On the main page - there this button where you can drag and paste it on your toolbar. (Just like pinterest). So when you online browsing.. you can just click the "add to board" button to save that item and link to your shopperboard.

I saw this cute little elephant bracelet on etsy... so I click the "add to board" button on my toolbar.. and this window pop out~

I can choose the board I wanna save this in and add in hashtag and comment on this item.

 Next type is type in the price and save for easy references

  • On Shopper you can discover over 10000+ of coolest products 
  • Follow like-minded shoppers (over 400+ stores and favourite hashtage)
  • Mobile-optimized with an app coming out soon

Here's my boards~ (just started this so... nothing much to see either! lolx)

All the stuff I saved on my board can be purchase by click the "buy" button and it will bring me to the online shop (auction/blogshop/online store.. as long as they have this "shopper cart" plugins)
Quite fun right? You can follow other users boards.. and save their item to your own board too! (Kinda enable each other to shop more right? lolx)

For more details please refer to ShopperBoard  FAQs and Shopper's Guide

ShopperBoard Christmas Giveaway
  1. Like shopperboard our Facebook page
  2. Like & Share the contest post.
    Tagging your friends in the comments section is optional but doing that gives you +1 chances (up to max. 10 friends)
  3. Sign up for your FREE account on
  4. Create a Board titled exactly “ShopperBoard Christmas 2013” without the brackets.
    (If it’s misspelt, they might not be able to find your Board for judging.)
    If you already have an existing Board that you feel can serve as your Christmas wishlist, simply change its title to the one above. (Learn how to do it here.)
  5. Save AT LEAST SIX (6) of your favourite items into that Board (you can re-save from others on ShopperBoard OR be original and add items from any online store using the BoardButton here)
  6. Hashtag your items #christmas so others can discover your wish list as well :)


Each winner will be given up to $100 each to spend on buying their favourite items inside the Christmas Board. Our ShopperBoard Santa will then personally deliver your wish list to your house! (Not down the chimney of course… unless you really have one)

1) SHARE your Christmas Board URL on your Facebook and @mention our Facebook page in the post, stating: “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!” (Remember to set to PUBLIC if not we can’t see it)

2) INSTAGRAM a screenshot of your Christmas Board and tag us @shopperboard for us to find you. Also include the text “I want to win everything in my ShopperBoard for Christmas!”

Shopperboard will be inviting a mysterious blogger to judge the Christmas Boards giveaway so stay tuned!

ShopperBoard Website
ShopperBoard Facebook Page
ShopperBoard Instagram