Review : Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ 3-in-1 Cleanser

Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Cleanser is a 3-in-1 cleanser that has an association of "peeling effect" ingredients, a skin soothing agent and 25% clay in a creamy texture.

I'm not a fan of "clay" mask product because it may be a little too aggressive for sensitive skin or dry flakey skin (My skin will burn on some "clay" mask). But after trying out Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash-Scrub-Mask (I decided to give this a chance)

One Cleanser with 3 uses
1. Cleansing cream - reduce sebum and impurities
2 . Exfoliator - helps to unclog pores
3 . Mask - apply a thin layer to the face and let dry for 5mins then rinse off with water. 

Ingredients list

The texture was creamy... not as "dry and thick" like a normal clay mask

As cleanser (face wash)
I wet my face and hand... lather the cream into a thick creamy foam
  • Feel really creamy.. the beads doesn't feel too harsh.
  • Skin feel clean and soft
  • No irritation
  • No breaking out
  • Doesn't feel too harsh on the skin (my skin was a bit sensitive and flakey back then)
  • Can be used dairy as a cleanser and the beads doesn't feel too harsh on the skin 
As a scrub
I wet my face and apply the scrub onto the skin without lathering (the water on the face will react with the cream and will feels the "scrub" texture on the skin)
  • It a nice creamy scrub
  • Does feel a bit coarse - but not as harsh as "nut shell" scrub
  • face feel really smooth and soft
  • No irritation
  • No breaking out from using it once per week
    (I have sensitive skin, I will tried to avoid using scrub most of the time by using peeling water/cleansing water instead to remove sebum/dead skin cells) 
  • Pores does feel clean... but I still prefer cleansing water 
As a mask
Apply with dry hand on dry skin.
  • I only apply the mask on my nose and chin
    (tzone - sometimes I avoid my forehead - all depend on my skin condition)
  • The mask feel kinda refreshing on the skin
  • Quite soothing
  • And after 5 mins when the mask feel a little bit dry and rinse if off
  • Skin feel really really sooth
  • Skin look refreshed
  • the tzone doesn't oil-up easily
  • When I rinse off.. I will lightly massage it over my skin (kinda become "scrub" lolx)
  • Doesn't experience any skin irritation nor breaking-out during the course of using this product

I have been using this for months (I think this tube last me about 2 months +/-) I start to rotate with other cleanser after a few weeks of using.. but I still used this as a mask once or twice a week until I finish up the whole tube.

I love this as a mask..
Skin feel calm(really soothing), less build-up of sebum in my pores around my nose (less skin inflammation)... as for "black head/white head" wise... the build up is still there.. just not as much as "not" using anything like scrub/cleansing water - I still very much prefer to use bliv "off with those head" to control black head and inflammation.) 

Using this long term wise - skin does brighten up, complexion look much even and also help to control breaking-out and sebum (abit). I live the most is the refreshing and soothing effect after I rinse off the mask.

Vichy is available at Watson and all major supermarkets that has the Vichy counters

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