Review on Tahpre Dream Cream, Wake-up call Refreshing toner and The Victory Moisturizing Lotion

Tahpre, a Korea brand I never heard before (maybe cos it's not as mainstream in Singapore?) until I was introduce to last September. Read about the brand introduction post I did back then (link)

So after all the goodness this brand promised, I cannot wait to try them out.. I have been rotating the whole set except the serum (I have too many serum opening so....)

Anyway... I simply love the pin-up girl design box packaging.. very cute!

I have been using this set if skincare on and off for about 3 months - and it's time for review.

Wake-up call Refreshing toner
Price : SD$29.90 (120ml)

Overview of the box

The toner feel quite refreshing, the texture of the toner is a little bit "thicker" then "water" .. but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. 

It's a nice toner, without the harsh drying element of a usual "toner" (which contain a lot of alcohol), this toner feels more like a Japanese style type of lotion (pre-moisturizer lotion).

Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking-out. 

Especially love the pump type of bottle!!!

Dream Cream Peptide cream
Price : SD$59.90 (50ml)

Overview of the box

Dream cream was original created as an eye cream - because of the wonderful and effective ingredients, peoples start applying the cream on the face.

Personally, I find that the cream was just a little bit too rich on me, although my skin may get a bit dry sometimes, this cream still causes some oil seed/bumps around my outer/lower cheeks. But the bumps goes away fast also.

Note: The "richness" I referring to is not the "rich" in the moisturizing factor... I believe the active ingredients may be a bit too much for my sensitive skin (too rich that it irritate my skin a bit - not in a bad way though) 

So, I only used this at night and not everyday. Mainly using it as an eye cream... but sometimes it does sting my eyes a bit when I applied a layer too thick!

The cream is more of a gel cream texture, which may feel a bit thick on the skin but doesn't feel sticky. Oily? Yes, a bit... but I like a little bit of oiliness in cream product, but once absorbed, skin feel quite nice to touch.

I do see some improvement on skin texture... I don't have much lines or wrinkle around my face - so I cannot say much about that ... fine lines are still there.. just not as visible as before.

Sometimes, when my skin wasn't feeling dry... the cream feel kinda "stuffy" on the skin.. it's just don't fully absorb into the skin... (need to tissue off the excess).

Mind Reader Night Revitalising Essence
Price : SD$47.90 (50ml)

Overview of the box

I haven't try this essence yet, once I do... I will do a review on it!

The Victory Moisturizing Lotion
Price : SD$29.90 (120ml)

The lotion is pretty light and moist, but don't get fool by its light texture, this lotion is moisturizing enough for night time (in air-con room too) - my skin doesn't feel drying the next day.

But still not as moisturizing as a good night cream moisturizer(which I very much prefer - I like cream moisturizer that is alittle bit thick in texture - cos they always make skin feel soften and smoother then next day)

I like that this doesn't causes any skin irritation nor breaking out... no bumps no redness. A simple moisturizing lotion.

Overall, I find that the products was nice to use, nothing too "special" as in the WOW factor - maybe because, I do not have much problems to begin with (except the irritating post acne marks and some dark spots on my upper cheeks.

I also like that all the 3 products doesn't have any stinging/burning sensation on "tight/flakey/dry" skin. (Which I have every now and then - my skin is weird.. not only they are combination, acne prone[more inflammation then normal pimple]... dry and sensitive sometimes... hai~)

If only the Dream cream wasn't too rich ... it would be a very nice deep moisturizing cream to use.

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