Random random random and November Favourites

Hi hi hi...
This post gonna be super random... 2013 is a good and fun year (not that I don't enjoy the years before).. but alot of stuff happened this year! Mostly good one.. a few ups and downs.. but all seem to turn out well for me (and I guess it was meant to be~)

One of the happy note on beauty blogging is becoming Watsons ambassador and appeared on the Watsons glow magazine (I'm so proud of myself.. hahaha) ... who don't love Watsons! Right?!?!? (Click Click)

Had a lot of fun moments at events with fellow bloggers I met thru-out the years...

I just realised that I do not have a lot of "picture" taken at the event! lols

And I got to meet Anna Sui! (Click)

Open a Facebook Page with my bff's Ming (miwitch) I don't want to open one myself.. cos I know I will totally forgot about them.. so with Ming, we kinda remind each others to update more often! (lolx)

Almost everyone have Facebook account.. and if you wanna follow my blog or miwitch blog.. you can "Like" our page ^_^ (a easy way to follow our update! lolx)

With the page in mind... We talks about having a set of pics for our page.. and Ming asked her photographer's friend and the rest is history! 

The page is simply a place for us to share anything beauty (or our vain selves) that we came across on the internet. We are not combining our blogs.. it's just a shared platform.

I have been so happy about what's happening around me (mostly family stuff) and also kinda overwhelmed by all the new launches and events.... I got a little bit lost in blogging! #stress!

I also think too highly about myself.... that I set too much goals which I end up failing ... BUT I did managed to shift everythings from onsugar over here (hosted by Blogger). Need to stop being too lazy (but lazy is my passion!!!!!) and try to hit my goals!!!

One of the thing was that, I didn't do much LOTD post! I kinda hate how I look in pictures... I know I know... many told me I look the same, but thru my eyes I look weird~ maybe I'm not used to the camera (samsung) I got late last year... But I'm getting used to it now... hopefully I will pop out more LOTD posts.. which I used to love doing when I start blogging!!!!

One of the reason was that I put on alot of weight!!!!! I need to slim down abit.. I still enjoy being chubby.. but I don't feel quite comfortable with the weight now! I wanna be more healthy!!!!! I think I'm all words then action!!! 

(Shout-out to Buibui: "Lets go flaten our chubby tummy together"!!!)

Now back to beauty related~
I haven't been doing "Favourite of the month for years" and I think maybe now is a good time to do it ^_^

I have been loving Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder,  although the coverage is sheer to light medium.. I find that the finishing of this powder is very smooth (semi matte) and doesn't look cakey on the skin! (LOVE at first use)

Star Lash lashes are the most easy lashes to wear (I'm very bad at wearing faux lashes..)  and I love that I have no problems trying to put on Star Lash lashes!!! (It's the cheaper version of Shu uemura lashes - which I find it easy to put on too!)

Benefit Creaseless cream - not too sure whether they got reformulate the ingredients.. they seem to be alot more "creaseless" as compare to the original version. The newer shades that I've tried... they are more long wearing than the ones I have (Birthday suit and skinny jeans)

VDL Festival Skin Finish (G Bomb Collection) in Make some noise (101 - highlighter) and Lose Control (201 - bronzer)

The highlighter apply smoothly and subtle on the skin and the bronzer can be double up as a control blush. (the shades doesn't make my skin look dirty)


Purer Skin serum - this is soooooooooo nice.. make my skin feel oh sooooooo smooth! lolx (I will be doing a review on this soon!

Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid foundation (I have a sample of this and I love it!) .. This has a light medium coverage, dewy finishing. Sometimes,  I find that this foundation doesn't stay on the skin too well (have to depend on the primer I use).... but I love love love the finishing of this foundation.. and it look so good in picture!!!!

Shu uemura cream color - I used this as a primer and base! Work well as a primper (doesn't crease easily) and a good base to make lighter color eyeshadows pop! I don't really like NYX jumbo pencil in Milk... too creamy and it creases easily!

Alright, I should stop here.. else... I will keep adding in more stuff and this post gonna be impossible!!! ∞ much! lolx

Merry Christmas,
Love Chantana

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