Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Party Look with Sasatinnie Cosmetics

2013 almost ending and year end always have filled with parties - Christmas, New Year eve and all kinds of celebration parties. So Sasa Singapore send me a set of Sasatinnie cosmetics to create my own version of party makeup look!

I don't party alot ... the only parties I went to is either birthday parties or partying at home with my dogs #foreveralone! lolx....  But when I do (which is so rare).... I will like to have something smokey (never fail with smokey eyes) and flawless skin(almost la... since I don't really like using concealer on spots.. I only use concealer for dark circles).

Here's a set of Sasatinnie cosmetics for me to play with~

Sasatinnie Party Queen Makeup Palette in (02) Soft and Sexy
Price : SD$35.90

A 2 layers (fold-up) palette
The eyeshadows and the lip colors section are seperated with the mirror panel

The party queen makeup palette *eyeshadows section* 
consists of 5 eyeshadow and 1 cream(eyeliner)
  • Bronze with a hint of olive gold tone shimmers
  • Mauve with silver shimmers
  • Soft taupe with silver shimmers
  • Icy pink
  • Pale yellowish beige
  • Black Creamy (abit dry) cream base/eyeliner

As for the lip color section - Consists of 4 colors
  • Glittery champagne pink gloss
  • bright hot pink gloss
  • Nude pink gloss
  • Coral cream lip color

 (a minus boo boos.. when I try to remove the protective plastic.. I accidently dig my fingers into the lip color (All lip color was really creamy and soft!)

*NEW / Star product*
Sasatinnie Party Queen 4D Hot lash Mascara
Price : SD$21.90

  • Smude proof
  • Waterproof
  • long wearing
  • Lengthening and volumizing

The formula of this mascara is alittle bit wet - no fibers... I will wipe off the abit of the mascara from the brush before I apply the mascara on my lashes. To my surprise (which I don't have any to begin with.. cos normally with this type of wet formula.. always doesnt provide any volume on my lahses).. it does volume and lengthen a abit of my lashes. Smudge proof(no panda eyes)

Thicken without clumping the lashes (2coats)

Will do a more details review after I try this for a longer period - the above is an initial review.

Sasatinnie Smokey Eyeliner Pen 
Price : SD$9.90
(I have another on in blue where I got it in one of the bellabox)

Swatches of both black and blue smokey eyeliner pen
They were creamy... and apply a bit "dry" on the lash line.. but so much creamier on the back of my hand.

Sasatinnie Eyelash Curler 
Price : SD$8.90

A little note: 
I haven't tried using this yet, because the residue from the battery corrosion (battery was included in this set of lash curler) was everywhere.. you can see it on the pic. I wanna make sure it is totally clean clean before using it... I don't want eye infection!  (Is there a way to make sure it is totally clean? For the time being.. I just put this (after wiping and shaking it) in front of a running fan hopefully the force of the wind will blow out any tiny residue that were trapped inside the heat curler)

Sasatinnie Instant eye makeup remover wipes(40sheets)
Price : SD$10.90
Contain Argan oil and aloe vera extract (made in Korea)

I tried this and it remove mascara and eye makeup easily - quite oily but it works!

Here's a look I created using mainly the Sasatinnie products
My usual style of makeup application - to be honest, I'm not very adventurous at trying different style of eyemakeup.(Forever soft smokey eyes - kekekeee~)


Products I've used on this look~

On my face ::
  • Neutroena Ultra Sheer Complete UV waterlight lotion SPF50+ PA+++
  • Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour primer
  • Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation in (I'm Pure for sure - Ivory)
  • ZA Perfect Fit Concealer (Shade 01) on my undereye areas and cover up alittle bit of my blemishes spots on my cheek.
  • Make Up For Ever HD powder to set my under eye areas
  • Make Up for Ever Pro- Finish Powder to set my foundation (add a little bit coverage)
    (Shade : 110)
  • VDL Festival Skin Finsh (G Bomb) in 201- Lose Control (on my outer cheek)
  • VDL Festival Mineral Blushes (Love Mark) in 102- Hand holding -mid tone pink as blushes and the highligh shade as high lighter on my cheek bone/forehead/chin and nose bridge
On my eyelids ::
  • On the lid... the bronze doesn't look too strong, so I use a "dark" base to make the color more intense (cos this is a party look... pale or lighter shade eyeshadows will drown the eyes in the dark environment.)

    And, I didn't use any primer for this look.. just applied Benefit Skinny Jeans all over the lids and blend it out (around #4 areas)

    The rest are colors from the Sasatinnie Party queen makeup palette  "02 - Soft and Sexy"
    Mauve shade on lowerlash line (Icy pink on the inner lower lash line)
  •  Brows:: Esprique Liquid eyebrown in BR 300 and Maybelline fashion brow (eyebrow mascara) in Rusty brown(03)
  • Sasatinnie Party Queen 4D hot lash mascara
  • Sasatinnie Smokey eyeliner pen in black (tight line)
On the lips  ::
Coral Pink and finish off with the champagne pink gloss


Using the bronze color(1) on the whole lid on top of the skinny skin base- using the mauve #2 on the outer corner of the lid and blend it into the crease to intensify the color and also define the eye (abit)... using the pale beige on the crease to blend out the harsh line.

And I use MUFE pro-finishing powder under the brow as brow's highlight (the main reason was to cleane up and brighten up that area.

Using the cream black in the paletter as eyeliner. (I set the eyeliner and my under eye areas with MUFE HD powder. (Prevent smudging)

Key for nice eyeshadow application is layering bit by bit and blend blend blend~
Using a soft fluffy brush will make blending more easy.

Going to bomb you all with a lot of my chubby face selca(s)~

You can get all Sasatinnie products at Sasa Cosmetics outlets.

Sasatinnie Party Queen Makeup Palette in (02) Soft and Sexy
Price : SD$35.90

Sasatinnie Party Queen 4D Hot lash Mascara
Price : SD$21.90

Sasatinnie Smokey Eyeliner Pen
Price : SD$9.90

Sasatinnie Eyelash Curler
Price : SD$8.90

Sasatinnie Instant eye makeup remover wipes(40sheets)
Price : SD$10.90

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