ORBIS Bishan Junction 8 grand opening

ORBIS having their grand opening ceremony last Friday (20th Dec 2013) for their first stand-alone store in Bishan Junction 8(#01-46). 

ORBIS Inc. is a leading Japanese cosmetic company who is also involved in markets such as skin care, health food and beauty supplement. ORBIS Inc. is well known for its 100% oil-free skin care and has been voted No.1 in Japan consumer satisfaction index under perceive value category. ORBIS Inc. has proudly sold more than *26 million pieces of our star product, Aquaforce lotion, since launch.  (*Total sales figure in ORBIS (From January 2000 to December 2012)

Overview of the store

Cute umbrella (gift with purchase)

ORBIS Collagen Jelly and drinks

ORBIS Petit shake (meal replacement)
Strawberry, White grape, Pink Guava, Orange Citrus, Banana, Mixed peach, Cheese Mousse, Mixed Berries, Double berry white chocalate and Caramel pumpkin pudding flavours

ORBIS Collagen drink

ORBIS beauty Supplement

Star buy for December 2013
Special Bundles

Collagen Starter Set (SD$20) is available at Junction 8 store

ORBIS Makeup range

ORBIS Concealer and base~

ORBIS control makeup base (bright up or cool green)

ORBIS UV Cute liquid foundation with SPF 50 PA+++

ORBIS sunblock

ORBIS eyeshadow palette

Beside supplement, meal replacement and makeup... ORBIS is famous for their skincare!

Whip Soda pack
Like a bubble mask without the need for us to bubble it~ can be double up as a morning cleanser

Look how dense and foamy the whip soda~

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid

ORBIS Anti-aging range "Excellent Enrich"

ORBIS Whitening aging range "Excellent White"

ORBIS Whitening range "Whitening"

ORBIS acne prevention range "Clear"

ORBIS Hydrating range "Aqua Force"

ORBIS goodies 
Super like the umbrella - so sweet and cute!

4 of the ORBIS Petit shake (Sakura, Match green tea, Yuzu honey and Japanese Melon) are Japan edition. (Not too sure whether this is limited edition at our local ORBIS)

I will try them out and do a review on it soon but NOT too soon~ 
I also received the Whip Soda Pack and UV cut sunscreen on face Light

ORBIS is available at 
  • Bishan Junction 8 #01-46
  • Orchard Robinson (Hereen) 

ORBIS Singapore Facebook Page ::

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