Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Introducing NUXE Nirvanesque The Botanical Alternative to Botox

When I learn that this new range of skincare from NUXE Nirvanesque offer the euphoria of de-stressed skin and it's also the alternative to BOTOX.. how can I not try them, right?!?!?!?! (lolx)

The ingredients, the scent and the whole "story" behind the Nirvanesque range sound so good! Anyway, NUXE always have very nice products.. they feel nice and soft on the skin (I was referring to their body lotion and oil~ which I LOVE)

The 2013 NATURAL Nirvanesque Solution

- A double floral neuro-cosmetic action for a "BOTOX-LIKE" BOOSTED EFFECT.
  • A NEW neuro-relaxing action with concentrated extract of Tree Peony Root (new exclusive NUXE patent pending) to prolong the life of enkephalins, “well-being” molecules.
  • A neuro-destressing action with a complex of Blue Lotus Seed, Poppy Seed, and Althea Root to reduce skin’s micro-tensions. Each of these active ingredients is part of an exclusive NUXE patent application.
- A EUPHORIC NAME that has been carefully chosen.

- NEW “ANTI-DEPRESSANT” TEXTURES that boost the pleasure of application and
active ingredient penetration.

- A HEADY FRAGRANCE that will carry you to a state of serenity.

- EFFECTIVENESS proven by tests and confirmed by women. say goodbye to long faces and tense features. The complexion is bright, the features are relaxed, the 1st expression lines smoothed. As though cutaneous stress no longer affected this almost blissful skin.

- A NEW exclusive NUXE ECO-DESIGNED JAR that responds to the environmental
concerns of female consumers in the 21st century.

- A CUSTOMIZED LINE that delights all skin types.

A UNIQUE Approach to cosmetics
Following almost 10 years of research at the NUXE laboratory, the field of Neuro-cosmetics is driven by an observation : SKIN is closrly connected to the nervous system.

This link can be easily explained, as these tissues have a common embryonic origin: the same cell of  the embryo will turn into skin tissue or nerve tissue during its development.

Communication between the skin and the nervous system passes through MESSENGERS CALLED NEURO-TRANSMITTERS.

When the face is animated, the Neuto-transmitters send muscle contraction, inflammation, stress or discomfort message that weaken the tissue in the areas manifested as by FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Therefore, by descreasing these messages, we can effectively fight against the appearance of first wrinkles associated with the mechanical aging of skin.

Acting against these messengers is the line of research that enabled NUXE to develop a unique “Botox-like” approach found in: FLORAL NEURO-COSMETICS, THE IDEAL NATURAL SOLUTION TO FIGHT AGAINST FIRST WRINKLES.

NUXE Nirvanesque YEUX
Price : SD$58 (15ml)

Ingredients list

The eye cream feel really nice on the skin (smooth and hydrating)

NUXE Nirvanesque Light
Price : SD$75 (50ml)

Ingredients list~

The light-weight moisturizer feel nice on skin
not sticky nor oily, feel quite refreshing~

NUXE Nirvanesque
Price : SD$75 (50ml)

Ingredients list~

Feels like a light weight creamy cream - feel nice and soothing on the skin
Does feel "oily" but absorb well and skin feel smooth and soft

NUXE Nirvanesque Enrichie
Price : SD$75 (50ml)

Ingredients list~

This is thick and oh so rich
very creamy but at the same time, skin is oh-so-smooth~

After testing out .. both my hands and arms feel so smooth and hydrated!!
I can't wait to try the cream on my FACE!

The New Nuxe Nirvanesque Range is available at selected Watsons, all Robinsons, John Little, and Beauty By Nature (Parkway Parade #B1-75/76, ION Orchard #B3-49/50, Vivocity #01-06/07)

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