Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Introducing Essence 2014 trend edition; Justin Bieber's beauty beats; Be Loud; face and bodycare

Essence will be launching some really cute and fun trend edition collection in 2014 - including Justin Bieber's beauty beats and Face & Body products.

essence trend edition “floral grunge” 
  Available in stores in November till Mid December 2013

Opposites attract! The new essence trend edition “floral grunge” unites floral, feminine elements with cool grunge accents in November & December 2013. Soft and intense colors, fine and rough textures, floral lace designs and edgy studs – playful hippy chic meets casual grunge style! This trend edition offers so many highlights: the stick-on eyeliners with a velvet or stud look and the hair powder for eye-catching color in your hair are absolute must-haves.

essence floral grunge – quattro eyeshadow  (SD$6.50)
Available in 01 eye like flowers and 02 eye like grunge

essence floral grunge – stick-on eyeliner(SD$4.90)  

essence floral grunge - mini lipgloss set (SD$5.90)
Available in 01 kissing me softly and 02 grungy kisses rock  

essence floral grunge – blush (SD$5.50) 

essence floral grunge – nail polish (SD$3.90)
Available in 01 be flowerful, 
02 lily bloom, 
03 grunge me tender!, 
04 madly purpled 
05 black to the roots.  

essence floral grunge – body tattoo (SD$4.90) 

essence floral grunge – hair dye powder(SD$6.50)  

essence floral grunge – hair-band (SD$5.50)

essence trend edition “beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber”
Available in stores in December and January 2013

Essence will be presenting the trend edition “beauty beats – girls on tour with Justin Bieber” from end December to January 2013 for Justin Bieber’s “Believe” tour! The products are as unique as the 19 year-old megastar himself and are sure to make the hearts of true fans beat faster. Live on stage, you’ll find cool and practical beauty pieces in grey, light blue, turquoise, purple and coral-pink – for the next concert or for an awesome everyday look! Already highlights of this trend edition: a blush with Justin lyrics and an innovative paper print manicure with images of the musician that can be applied on your nails. Get ready for Bieber fever with essence!

JB aside... I really like how the shimmer powder and the blush look like in the pan~ I can't wait to get it (lolx)

essence beauty beats – mono eyeshadow
Available in 01 baby, baby, ooh!, 02 I´m backstage and 03 as long as you love me.
Retail Price: S$3.50

essence beauty beats – 2in1 eyeliner 
Available in 01 the biggest fan.
Retail Price: S$6.50

essence beauty beats –lipgloss
Available in 01 groupie at heart, 02 eenie meenie and 03 I´m backstage
Retail Price: S$4.50

essence beauty beats – shimmer powder
Available in 01 swaaag!.
Retail Price: S$7.50

essence beauty beats – blush
Available in 01 groupie at heart.
Retail Price: S$4.90

essence beauty beats – nail polish
Available in 01 baby, baby, ooh!, 02 i’m backstage, 03 as long as you love me and 04 groupie at heart.
Retail Price: S$3.90

essence beauty beats – paperprint manicure design
Retail Price: S$2.90

essence beauty beats – paperprint manicure transfer solution
Retail Price: S$3.90

essence beauty beats – hairties 
Available in packs of two.
Retail Price: S$4.50

essence trend edition “be loud!” 
Available in store in Feb 2014

Shy, timid, restrained? Quite the opposite! With the new essence trend edition “be loud!”, the name says it all in February 2014. Calling all beauties to be loud, be free – be you! Today’s generation of girls is independent, strong and assertive. And this power needs to be expressed with a cool look, too! Camouflage prints and expressive colours are all the rage. Bright pink, purple, orange and apricot meet upon hip olive, stone, gold and black in these trendy products: three duo eyeshadows with two colours each and various effects, cool jumbo eye and lip products, two multicolour blushes with a camouflage design, individual nail styles with expressive nail polish colours, a trendy graffiti topper and an awesome nail art set. And to keep all these awesome products close at hand, there’s a practical cosmetics bag with a zipper and a camouflage design. Shout out – be loud – with essence!

essence be loud! – eyeshadow
Available in 01 riot grrr-een, 02 like a stone in the wall and 03 rock the block.
Retail Price: S$4.90

essence be loud! – jumbo eye pencil
Available in 01 I’m all riot.
Retail Price: S$5.50

essence be loud! – jumbo sheer stick

Available in 01 pink me and 02 ap-ri(c)ot.
Retails Price: S$5.50

essence be loud! – multi colour blush
Available in 01 ap-ri(c)ot and 02 pink me
Retail Price: S$7.50

essence be loud! – nail polish
Available in 01 riot@., 02 orange is the new black, 03 riot grrr-een and 04 like a stone in the wall.
Retail Price: S$3.90

essence be loud! – graffiti topper

Available in 01 not punky nor funky
Retail Price: S$3.90

essence be loud! – nail art set
Available in 01 totally camouflage
Retail Price: S$5.90

essence be loud! – cosmetic bag
Available in 01 totally camouflage
Retail Price: S$5.90

On this shelve are some of the upcoming Essence products
(some already available in the store.. some are slowly rolling out)

At the preview session~ there's this little corner where they hand us some white paper bags to take whatever we want (Catrice/Essence pass collection) for ourself, friends or giveaway (I took some for giveaway - coming up soon)

This little corner of  "goodies" are essence and catrice pass collections

Here are some of the stuff I chose~

Was provided some products from Essence and Catrice new launches ...

Let's see what is inside this pouch

I will be doing another blog post on "each" products (mini reviews or first impression)

Available at Selected Watsons Outlets

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