Introducing Bright Pack Silky Veil + Initial Review

Sometimes back, I received the than newly launched Bright Pack Silky Veil (The Japanese secret to instant snow white skin) - an amazing instant color-corrector for face and body that's boosted with wonderful skincare benefits.

I'm not too sure whether this really works...  So in this post, I'm going to do an initial review (on my hand of-course... I have sensitive skin.. I need patch test!!! lolx).  Anything that promote "instant result" just sound a little scary for me! (It's just my personal thoughts~) but I'm willing to try cos I love radiant pale skin(kekekeke~ as if I'm not fair already)

I like that they put the product in this little pink suede box 
(Love opening presensts! #sovain)

Silky Veil
Japan’s best kept secret for instantly bright and beautiful skin

Silky Veil brand philosophy is about achieving luminous porcelain perfection quickly, effectively,  naturally. Their goal is to help women achieve a silky smooth body and glow from top-to-toe.

About Silky Veil
Is a miracle product, that will instantly whiten and brighten the skin.  Silky Veil is already a cult favorite in Indonesia and Philippines (under previous name Milky Dress), Silky Veil Bright Pack is the *new and improved* formulation.

  • Luxurious, wondrous, instant color-corrector for face & body, with wonderful skincare benefits.
  • Brightens the skin instantly for a fairer, luminous complexion. Like a beautiful veil on your skin. Unique “marshmallow” texture is light and soft on the skin, leaving no greasy feeling.
  • The unique “marshmallow” texture is light and soft on the skin, leaving no greasy feeling.

  • Formulated with effective ingredients and various natural plant extracts, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin too.

  • 100% developed and made in Japan.
  • 100% no artificial coloring, fragrance or preservatives.

  • Suitable for face and body.

Silky Veil is infused with conditioning and radiance enhancers to help transform your complexion. Applying the cream reduces dull, yellow skin tones, leaving skin with a translucent, pinkish glow.

Results are immediately visible in real life as well as in photos. The instant whitening effect lasts up to 12 hours. Daily application will continue to whiten skin and improve complexion.

Key ingredients ::
  • Exclusive cocktail of light-reflecting particles
  • Bearberry leaf extract or Arbutin
    -a scientifically proven, natural, highly-effective, stable skin whitening agent that works by turning excess melanin production into colorless substances and inhibiting tyrosine oxidation (a main cause of hyper-pigmentation).

  • EGF (a patented Novel Prize Science)
    a biologically active protein that stimulates cell growth up to 8 times faster.
  • Fullerenes (a patented Nobel Prize science)
    superior anti-oxidation effect that eliminates free radicals and inhibits UVA-induced melanin formation. Protects and lightens skin, effective in reducing signs of aging such as loss of elasticity, spots, dull and uneven skin tone.
  • Natural Grapefruit Oil
    contains vitamin C and citrus components; revitalizing aroma.

  • 100% developed and made in Japan. 

Ingredients list

As a mask
1. Apply liberally on dry skin
2. Massage into skin
3. Wait 20 mins and wash off with water

As a tinting cream
1. Apply suitable amount on dry skin to achieve desired effect
2. Washing off not required
3. Get ready to receive compliments on your fairer skin!

Let's unbox the cream~

A very simple and basic jar of cream~

The "marshmallow” texture which reminds me of the less thicker version of Hazeline snow 

This is just a 5cent-size (and it's already too much~)

See how "white" and thick this potion blend out to be~

I took some away and apply it on my forearm (I wanna see how it works)

Blended and smooth out
(taken with flash)

When I smooth out the cream, it has this white and brightening tint on the skin - which look like a good brightening (skin corrector) sunblock - minus the lotion shine, stickyness and oiliness - It absorbed into the skin really well and fast.

I'm quite fair to begin with.. yet I still can see a little bit of "whitening" effect on the "applied" area.

(taken without flash in day light)

Now on the forearm - using the remaining 

(Taken with flash)
Amount is a little bit more as compare to the hand - can see the "whitening" quite obvious

(Taken without flash)

My initial thoughts on this Silky Veil cream
  • The product feels quite nice on the skin
  • I didn't experiences any itchiness
  • No irritation (I leave the product on my hand/forearm for 5 hrs+)
  • Totally not sticky... Not oily
  • Absorbed really well leaving a smooth (powdery) matte finishing
  • Whiten and brighten up the skin instantly - it's not those flat white type - does look a bit radiant. (I quite like the effect.. but I'm not sure about how I will feel when it's on my face)
  • Before washing off - I still can see a bit of skin color differences - it does last... BUT.. I didn't go out.. just hanging around the house only.
I did a patch test on the back of my ear... it does feel a little bit itchy after 30mins... I have to do another patch test again before I try this on my face (skin on the face is more sensitive then the body)... if I still have itch problem, I just use this on my body (legs!!!!)

OK... that's about it, if you have any questions about this product or I miss out some "important" points ... just let me know and I try my best to answer ^_^

Silky Veil’s ambassador
Dawn Yang is a long-time user of Silky Veil. She exudes a sweet elegance and healthy radiance, making her the perfect choice as the face of Silky Veil.

Bright Pack Silky Veil
Retail store Price : SD$39.90 (100g)

Online Retail Price : SD$35.90 (100g)

Available at all major Guardian stores in Singapore and Takashima, Isetan, Orchard Road and Liang Court, Meid-ya

Silky Veil Singapore Facebook Page::

Website / E-store::

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