Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Face Shop 2013 Christmas Gift Sets

This Chirstmas The FaceShop will be launching a series of Christmas gift sets -  if you have no ideas what to get this Christmas or you just wanna try some of The Face Shop popular products... Now is a good time to check out them out.

This year,  The FaceShop have their classic signature products such as Rashberry Roots Sleeping Mask and Depuffing eye gel (which have won numerus awards) to goodies that have just went up the shelves and even limited edition sets all packed up with attractive packaging that would look good as a gift.

Here's the rundown of their Christmas sets::

Raspberry Roots Classic 
(Includes :: Raspberry Sleep Mask, Collagen Eye Patch 2 pairs.)
Price : SD$29.90 (25% saving)

Firm and lift your skin with these all-time favourite classics that are formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots that instantly lifts, re-contours skin and tighten pores. Wake up to silky and velvety skin with Rasberry Roots Sleeping Mask and care for your undereyes with Raspberry Root Collagen Eye Patch that helps to reduce puffiness and fine lines.

12 Days of Christmas
Includes 12 Real Nature Mask Sheets (Acia berry, Aloe, Avocado, Bamboo, Blueberry, Cucumber, Green tea, Honey, Kelp, Mung Bean, Olive and Red Ginseng)
Price : SD$28.90 (17% saving)

With The Faceshop best selling mask sheets that are made with natural ingredients.

Honey Citron Hand & Body Set (Limited edition)
(Includes : Honey Citron Tea Moisture Body Wash, Body Lotion and Hand Cream)
Price : SD$22.90 (20% saving)

When honey meets citron, it secretes a sweet light scent that sets you in relaxing mood. Honey Citron Hand & Body Set takes care of your body from hands to toes with highly moisturising ingredients.
Citron not only contains 3 times more Vitamin C than lemon, it has anti-aging effects and prevents skin troubles. Moisturising ability is also strengthened by Acacia Honey that has anti-oxidant effects.

Chiffon Dream Body Set
Includes : Chiffon Dream Soft Rich Body Wash and Chiffon Dream Soft Rich Body Cream
Price: SD$22.90 (14% Savings)

A dream for those with dry and rough skin - Chiffon Dream Body set protects skin with Orchid Flower extracts that has amazing vitality and Camellia Oil which helps to replenish long-lasting deep moisture to skin. Feels like a dream with shiny and smooth skin!

Herb Day 365 Cleansing Set
Includes : Herb day 365 Cleansing Foam Acerola, Aloe and Lemon.
Price: SD$19.90 (50% Savings)

Work up a good amount of lather with Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam best-sellers - Acerola, Aloe and Lemon, without stripping moisture off your skin. These cleansers can be used even for the man in your life, especially Lemon. Moist suitable for oily or dull skin, Lemon helps to clarify and brighten up skin! Perfect gift for friends and family!

Vita Shea Happiness
Includes : Vita Berry Whitening Hand Lotion and Shea Butter 20% Moisturizing Hand Butter.
Price: SD$29.90 (19% Savings)

Vita Berry Whitening Hand Lotion is the first double functional hand lotion - whitening with UV protection and anti-aging effects! Most ideal for those who drive, this lotion protects your skin from the harmful sunrays while brightening the skin. Shea Butter 20% Moisturising Hand Butter's Shea Butter is also well-known for its excellent skin-softening and skin-regeneration effects. Achieve fairer and youthful-looking hands with the duo hand lotion set!

Yogurt for the Nails!
Includes : Lovely Me:ex Yogurt Nails 

(01 Grape Juice, 02 Vanilla Sugar, 03 Apple Mint, 04 Lemon Candy, 05 Strawberry Milk)
Price: SD$24.90 (28% Savings) 

Paint a coat of sweet pastels to cheer your day up! Lovely Me:ex Yogurt Nails Set comes in 5 soft shades with candy-like coloured glitters that help you to skip a step for the perfect nails!

Desserts for You?
Includeds : 2 lovely Me:ex Dessert Lip Balm 

(01 Strawberry / 02 Orange / 03 Honey)
Price: SD$28.90 (17% Savings) 

Brighten up your best friend's day with this cute pot of lip balm that helps to protect your dry and chapped lips. Comes in 3 different flavours (Strawberry, Orange, Honey), this lip balm helps to supply long-lasting moisture onto your puckers.

Trio Special Care Set
Includes : Good Bye Smile Fold Modeling Gel Patch, Sharp Face Modeling Gel Patch and Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch.
Price: SD$19.90 (28% Savings)

Flaunt an impeccable complexion with this masks targeted at delicate areas of your face. Smoothen your laugh lines with Good Bye Smile Fold Modeling Gel Patch that firms your skin, and look younger instantly!
Reduce wrinkles and brighten up your peepers with Bright Eyes Modeling Gel Patch - a dual functional concentrate care for your eyes! And to complete the whole flawless look, use Sharp Face Modeling Gel Patch for strengthening skin resilience and achieving sharper face shape!

Mark Your Love
Includes :: 1 Lovely Me:ex Love Mart Tint 
(01 Hot Kiss Red / 02 Shy Kiss Pink / 03 Sweet Kiss Orange)
Price: SD$12.90 (28% Savings) 

Always wondered how Korean girls do their bitten-lips look? Stamp your lips with this Lovely Me:ex Love Mark Tint from the centre to achieve natural gradation effect. The coconut oil in it has excellent moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects. Add on a transparent lip gloss for more luscious lips.

How cute can this be?? Stamping on lips tint! I wanna go check this out at the outlet!!

Double Cherry
Includes: 2 Cherry Blossom Hair Mist
Price: SD$18.90 (23% Savings)  

Get rid of unpleasant smells on your tresses with TFS Cherry Blossom Hair mist. Packed in a convenient packaging, this hair mist nourishes your hair with Cherry Blossom and Argan Oil and leaves you with a soft romantic Cherry Blossom fragrance instantly! 

The Christmas collection is available at all The Face Shop outlets from mid-November 2013 onwards.

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