Neutrogena Hydro Boost treatment lotion Pre-essence (Review)

There are a lot of different type of toner, lotion, skin softener, pre-toner, pre-lotion, pre-"everything" available in the market and sometimes it can be a little bit confusing. And for some peoples the extra steps apart from the basic 3 steps (cleanse, tone and moisture) can be a little bit too troublesome to keep up with.

And not too long ago, Neutrogena launched a *NEW* Treatment Lotion Pre-essence from the Hydro Boost range. This is an extra step in between toner and essence for combination skin for that extra boost of moisture.

About Neutrogena Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence
A pre essence treatment lotion suitable for combination skin, Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence is formulated with pure Hyaluronic Acid and Oliva HA 1000 complex to deliver instant hydration to areas of the skin where moisture is needed the most. It absorbs quickly into the skin, even beyond the deepest layers, replenishing the skin with up to five times more moisture, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed.

The Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence also contains herbal extract and vitamin complex that rejuvenate and promote the skin’s metabolism to boost its absorption capacity and maximise the efficacy of the application of subsequent skincare products.

Designed to provide targeted hydration according to the skin’s needs, Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence features Neutrogena’s unique Progressive Release System (PRS), which allows the pre-essence to be released continuously over time, locking in moisture for up to 24 hours.

PRS is a unique targeted hydration technology that awakens dehydrated cells and restores moisture in dry areas of the skin, resulting in even hydration across all areas of the face.
(Dermatologist tested and alcohol free)

Overview of the box packaging
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Ingredients list of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost treatment lotion (Pre-essence)

The swatches of the pre-essence

After trying this products for more then 8weeks... it's time for review <3
  • The pre-essence has a watery slimy consistency, which is very easy to spread around the skin without pulling the skin. (I normally soak up a cotton square pad and gently pat it all over my face)
  • The pre-essence absorbed into the skin very well and fast ...  leaving skin feeling smooth and soft
  • I didn't have any skin irritation nor breaking out during the course of using this product (which is about 6weeks)
  • With this alone, I can already feel that this is quite moisturizing - after cleansing my face, skin normally will feel alittle bit tight.. once I apply this pre-essnce, I can feel the intense boost of relief and skin feel smooth and supple.
  • Work well with other brands toner/serum/essence/moisturizer
  • This pre-essence totally doesn't feel too rich and thick for my combination skin. 
  • Has a nice soothing sweet powdery scent
  • Quite refreshing
  • Skin does look a little bit brighter and even after the pre-essence (my skin always look a little dull after cleansing.. but once I put on a nice refreshing/soothing lotion/ toner.. instantly, skin look a little bit happy and bright (But some lotions/toners.. doesn't give that effect)
  • For first few weeks, I do not feel much different when I added this extra step into my skincare routine (lotion+serum+moisturizer)....beside the instant boost of hydration before serum/moisturizer.  I do notice that even if I skip the serum and just use this pre-essence and moisturizer.. my skin doesn't feel too drying.. so when I'm lazy, I will skip essnce/serum and just use this with my moisturizer.
  • Once, I tried using this on my body and I can feel the visible results!!!!! Totally can feel the extra boost of hydration and smoothness.
I totally enjoy using this pre-essence - this can be use alone as a lotion before moisturizer instead of the extra step in between toner and moisturizer.  (cleanse+pre-essence+moisturizer) .. Skin doesn't feel less drying by skipping serum/essence/toner. A good product for lazy people like me ^_^

For combination skin, sometimes because of weather, skin may feels a little bit dry..  we can add an extra step of using a good hydrating serum or you can try this pre-essence to boost up your moisturizer.. it's a cheaper alternative of getting a whole new set of skincare products.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost treatment lotion Pre-essence is available at Watsons and all major supermarket that's carries Neutrogena.
Price : SD$25.90

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