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Models Own Artstix Nail Beads, Wow Nail Art Pen and Ice Neon Collection

When Models Own first available in Singapore, it is exclusively available at selected Watsons. NOW you can find the huge selection of Models Own products from nail polishes to makeup at aLT@BHG, John Little, selected Guardian and Sasa stores.

In this entry I'm going to try out one of each of the recently launch collection - Artstix Nail Beads, Wow Nail Art Pen and Ice Neon Collection.

Ice Neon Collection 
Price : SD$14.90
Colour your nails as bright as Day-Glo.

Ice Neon is available in 5 shades: 
Pukka Purple
Pink Punch
Luis Lemon
Toxic Apple

Models Own launch Ice Neon, their latest collection that promises to keep Fluro neon shades as bright as Day-Glo by keeping them refrigerated! Inspired by the trick of keeping a glow stick in a fridge to slow the reaction down and making the stick glow for longer, Models Own apply the same principle to their brightest neon shades.

The only way to keep fluro’s really bright is to keep them cold. Ice Neon is packaged in specially designed frosted bottles which withstand the cold and protect the pigments from fading. The on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with Fluro flavour, bold and bright – wear alone or all mixed up on fingers and toes.

Along with keeping your Brights BRIGHTER there are many other benefits of storing polish in the fridge. Keeping it cool helps to slow down the discolouration, separation and pigment cracking that happens to polish as it get older.

Ice Neon shades give an amazing matt finish – for a shiny effect apply Models Own 3-in-1 Top Coat.

I chose Toxic Apple (Don't ask me why~ I just like neon green~)

The polish itself was quite sheer and watery.. I applied 2 layers on bare nails
(Taken indoor lighting without flash)

Over here, I applied 2 layers of Toxic Apple on a pale pink base (cos I have gelish sometimes back)
The neon green look more opaque with a base color

Taken without flash under natural lighting

Wow Nail Art Pen 
Price : SD$17.90
Each Nail Art Pen has a duo application system consisting of a thin nib for intricate art work along with thin brush to add stroke and lines.

Available in 5 shades (Pink, white, blue, black and yellow)

Models Own and WAH Nails collaborate to launch NEW Nail Art Additions. Nail art isn’t budging from the spotlight. Following the success of the original Models Own black and white Models Own nail art pens, once again Models Own and WAH Nails have joined forces. The Launch of these three new pens in paint box primary colours makes it even easier for everyone to translate the latest fashion trends into fingertip art.

Known for their colourful leopard print, candy stripes and innovative nail design, WAH has achieved
cult status for the ability to create pretty much any design or pattern for their customers. With Models Own ever-growing fearless colour collection and WAH’s innovative design, the new addition nail art pens will make it even easier to achieve the creative looks of the catwalk and WAH at home.

Each nail pen has a duo application system consisting of a thin nib for intricate art work along with a
long thin brush to add strokes and lines. Revolutionising the at home manicure, you’ll be able to create personalised, unique nails without leaving your house!

I chose the pink shade

Ingredients list

Each came with a tiny art brush applicator and a needle tip

Using the tiny brush to draw some lines on my gelish~ not bad.. not too messy la... I know I can get really messy with normal size brush~

I wanna try dots... using the needle pin soon!!!

Artstix Nail Beads 
Price : SD$12.90
3 D nail effects in 5 eye-popping shades and first in the world - NEON Nail Beads

Available in 5 shades
Neon Orange
Neon Green
Neon Pink

Models Own launch Artstix Nail Beads, their latest nail effect offering. Following the incredible success of Ice Neon - the brightest neon nail polishes available, Models Own are taking it 3D. Five eye popping shades, including world first ever seen before - NEON nail beads!

Perfect for festival fun, Models Own have once again answered the demand and created day-glo neon nail beads, complimented by black and gold additions. Resembling hundreds and thousands, these tiny textureed mircobeads are the hottest summer accessory in the boldest fluoro shades.

Get creative, mix and match or wear shades alone to give a 3 dimensional nail effect.

To use simply bed the beads onto a thick layer of clear or color base polish - no need to top up.

For not being adventurous - I chose BLACK (black can match with almost all colors!)

The beads was sooooo light and tiny .. it goes everywhere!! Have to be extra careful when using, if you have pets/baby at home... YOU won't want them eat the beads accidently, right??

Anyway.. the beads look so cute on the nails... but I kinda fail.. cos I didnt manage to get them spread out evenly...

I haven't been playing for nail polishes for awhile now.... cos I have some issue with weak and very dry nail bed for the pass few months... NOW, they finally look normal, and I may start painting them from time to time!!!

Don't forget to treat your nails and hands with moisturizer/oil to keep them from dryness ^_^

Models Own is available at aLT@BHG, John Little selected Guardian and Sasa stores

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