Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence

Early this year (around May 2013) Calvin Klein launched Sheer Beauty Essence - A charming fresh, sweet and floral eau de parfum spray~ A more lighter, fresher and softer fragrance of the existing Sheer Beauty.

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence is inspired by femininity and a graceful confidence. The fragrance opens with refreshing top notes of nashi pear blossom and white peach. A delicate blend of turkish rose petals, precious peony and magnolia envelops the heart. Dry down of sheer musks, hints of creamy vanilla and intoxicating cedarwood creates an addicitve, yet weightless sensuality.

Top : nashi pear blossom, white peach
mid : peony, magnolia, lilac, turkish rose
dry : Sheer musks, vanilla, cedarwood

I love how this doesn't smell too musky .. the soft sweetness of the rose and peach (should be the flowers and fruits) were a lovely blend.. they smell so GOOD together (I don't eat peach.. BUT I totally love the peach scent).

The bottle features the signature sheer beauty glass reimagined in a soft lavender palette, the shimmering lavender box packaging complements the bottle, conveying a luminous and feminine elegance.

The bottle is in a soft oval shaped glass bottle, which is beautiful and elegance .. Why nice solid thick transparent glass always look oh so classic and elegance??

I donno from WHEN onwards.. I kinda love perfume bottles... they just look so pretty sitting next to one another~ (right?) and not forgetting that they smell so GOOOOOD~ lolx

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence

The previous launch 
"Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty"

At the preview session, We got to decorate our own candle... and me being very lazy at art craft (I need to be in the mood to do creative stuff... creative kill brain cells la... hahaha.. at least for me la) ... so this is what I came up with in afew mins ^_^ (simple simple one~ )

eau de parfum spary   :: SD$84   (30ml/1.0oz)
eau de parfum spary   :: SD$108 (50ml/1.7oz)
eau de parfum spary   :: SD$137 (100ml/3.4oz)

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Essence will be available at Tangs, Takashimaya D.S, Robinson, Metro, Isetan Scotts, BHG and Sephora.

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