Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 November Bellabox : Beauty Retreat

The November 2013 Bellabox doesn't came with a box.... but in a little cute tote bag (I liking it so far) and this month box is sooooooo worth the SD$19.95 subscription fee!!!

The cute little tote bag~

Bellabox Pout Pencil - Pinky promise for lips
Price : SD$17.80 (2.4g)

Full size lip crayon from Bellabox (Their own cosmetic!!)

Covermark eye shadow palette
Price : SD$36 (3 colors)
Price : SD$52 (4 colors)

I got the 4 eye shadows palette! This alone already cost double(and more) of the subscription fee!

Covermark Lather Net
Price : SD$12

Covermark Moisture veil LX foundation
Price : SD$70 (8g)

Not forgetting that they also have a $10 gift voucher for any COVERMARK products (didn't say need to spend a minimum.. so it's like $10 off!!!! Woohoo~)

Lyncacare Mineral true colors
Price : SD$29.90 (5ML)

Not too sure whether this is retail size (the jar never indicate the size~)

Covermark Mineral wash
Price : SD$50 (125g)

Twistband Hair ties
Price : SD$10.95 (Set of 3)

BellaBox Shopping Event!
30% off on BB shop item!

Monthly subscription fee per box is SD$19.95

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