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Review - Belif Cleansing Herb Water

Belif is One of a skincare brands from Korea that I LOVE alot, because of their amazing skin loving ingredients. The products that I've tried from Belif simply made my skin happy and stress free (I love it la.. so I can keep on praising it)

So months ago, received this Belif Cleansing Herb Water (link) and I got excited (I simply love cleansing water and from the brand that I love.. I cannot wait to try it out).

This hypo-allergenic, hydrating cleansing water cleanses the skin without stripping off the skin’s moisture, leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Contains Olive Extract, a water-soluble moisturising ingredient which effectively cleanses all traces of makeup and skin impurities without the need for secondary cleansing.

Formulated with the Tri Herb Tea Complex, this one-step cleansing water helps in relieving the skin of stress and soothing the skin of irritation.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Main Herb:
Tri Herb Tea Complex
Containing the herbs - Dill, Burdock and St John’s Wort, this formula aids in relieving skin fatigue and soothing of skin’s irritations.

Napiers Formula:
Napiers Original Formula  - Belif’s key herbal formula that keeps the skin healthy and delays the initial stage of skin aging with its anti-oxidizing, calming and anti-blemish properties.

Herbs in Napiers Original Formula include:

  • Oat Seed (Moisturizing and skin calming properties, acts as a relief for skin redness)
  • Calendula (Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and skin calming properties)
  • Catnip Flowering Tops (Skin calming properties)
  • Raspberry Leaf (Increasing skin’s resilience and acts as a relief for skin redness)
  • Wild Indigo (Skin calming properties)
  •  Chickweed (Skin calming properties and acts as a relief for skin redness)

Directions of usage:

Moisten a cotton pad with adequate amount of the cleansing water and gently swipe across the face until all makeup residues has been removed. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For enhanced skin soothing effect, refrigerate before use.

Ingredients list::

The cleansing herb water is totally transparent 
(just like water, but feels a little bit more moisturizing)

After using this for more then a month or two (rotating with my other cleansing water)

On removing makeup
  • This does remove base makeup quite well.. only need 3 totally soaked cotton square to take off all the base makeup (sunblock/primer/foundation/)

  • Skin doesn't feel dry nor tight after, but this cleansing water need to "rinse" off after application.
  • Does make skin feel smooth, radiant and clean after using it

As a normal cleansing water
I'm not a fan on using cleansing water to remove makeup.. I only enjoy using cleansing water in the morning before washing my face to remove dirt and dead skincell (sebum) on my face before applying skincare/makeup.

Reason being, I don't like to use cleanser in the morning.. I find it too harsh on my skin and tend to dry my skin up makeup them feeling tight thru-out the day. So a good hydrating cleansing water not only cleanse my face.. it also help to brighten up and soothe my combination sensitive skin.

  • So as a normal cleansing water, this soothe my tired skin very well
  • Quite soothing and prevent breaking-out
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking-out during the period of using the cleansing water
  • Skin feel smooth and supple
  • Skin does look clear and brighter
  • Doesn't removing dead skin cell well (this is a little bit too mild on that part)
    (I find myself trying to use scrub cleanser to smooth out my rough skin texture)
  • Quite moisturizing
  • Skin feel less stress 
  • doesn't feel tight nor drying after using
The only part I don't like about this cleansing herb water is that I need to rinse off after application, I prefer non-rinse type.

But overall, this is quite a good cleansing water, it kinda soothe my inflammation skin (spots) quite well, and prevent my skin from breaking-out during the super hot and humid period.

Belif Cleansing Herb Water
SD$36 (200ml)

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