Olay White Radiance cellucent White eye roller (Review)

I pick up Olay White Radiance cellucent White eye roller from Vanity Trove sometimes ago and have been using this everyday. This eye cream promise to brighten and lighten panda eyes with their good ingredients and the roller balls which will massage the eye areas.

Comes in a pen form but this little tube only contains 6ml of products 
(as compare to the standard 15ml for most of the eyecream products)
This tube last me about a month (too short to see any great improvement)

The box overview 

Ingredients list

When pump out the product.. the cream/serum look like "flower" around the roller balls (lolx)
One pump is enough for on side of the eye areas (undereye and eyelid)

When I start using this, I do not feel any special or having wow moment with this product and I find that the ball feels a bit too "hard" on the skin (and I do not feels that the balls were rolling on my skin.)

But after using it for about 10days(+/-).. I feel that the balls does roll around (maybe cos it's NEW and the roller ball stuck on the tube??)

Anyway.. I do enjoy using this to massage the skin around my eyes and it does feel quite comfotable. And hopefully in long term wise, will increase my blood circulation under my eyes and reduce my dark circles.

  • I do not experiences any discomfort during the time I'm using the product
  • No breaking-out
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes 
  • I still can see and the cream doesn't blind me (lolx.. just joking)
  • Doesn't cause any milia seeds on skin around the eye areas
  • Doesn't make my skin feel itchy
  • Quite moisturizing, can see that my fine lines feels supple and less dry
  • Soothing on the skin
  • Doesn't feel too thick nor sticky on the skin
  • Absorb quite nicely into the skin leaving a soft velvety finishing
    (I guess it's becos this product does contain a little bit of silicon)
  • I still look like panda.. doesn't lighten the dark circle too well
    (just a little bit, not to obvious type. Maybe because I'm quite fair to begin with.. and my dark circles are mainly lack of blood circulation due to my sinus - I should massage more! But I finished up the eyecream before I can try different way.)
I keep the pen(tube) just cleanse it with alcohol wipe and I put the eyecream (Shu uemura Tsuya Skin Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate) on the roller and apply + massage my eye areas. (kekekeke)

Olay White Radiance cellucent White eye roller
Price : TBC

Available at all Olay counters
(Watsons, Guardian, John Little and all major departmental stores)

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I'm not affilated with the company or anyone
Review were base on my personal experiences.

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