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Sometimes back, received a surprise bag of goodies from John Little - all these products are available at John Little's Star Dust. A few months ago, John Little re-opened (now at level 1) at Plaza Singapura. So much bigger and they have a various of fun and interesting brands that are only exclusively available at Star Dust.

Star Dust is John little's one-stop store for skincare, hair care, cosmetics (from head to toes) housing both popular and niche beauty brands and health  supplements.

They have a lot of different and interesting brands NOW as compare to before.. they have this little corner which they will feature different foreigner brands which we may/maybe not have in Singapore.

Pantene Color & Perm Lasting care
Shampoo and condition both feels quite hydrating... not my fave type of shampoo.. but I do enjoy using the conditioner (since my hair feels quite drying on the tips)

Ingredients list for Conditioner

Ingredients list of the shampoo

Dermal Wine Collagen Essence Mask
I used to try this mask many years back... they may have alittle buring sensation on sensitive skin, but doesn't cause much irritation nor breaking out.

Ingredients list

Olay Regenerist Advanced anti-aging resurfacing essence (night)

The essence contains mica for skin brightening
Peronally, I haven't tried this before.. I will add this to my skincare routine ~

Ingredients list

Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque
I tried this a couple years ago and I didn't quite like it.. I don't remember why?!?! I only remember I just tried this like 2 to 3 times and when I realised this product expired! lolx.. I will give this popular mask a try soon.

Ingredients list

L'oreal Paris Youth Code Boosting essence
I have one of this from one of the goodies bag I received last year.. I gave it to my sister, because she enjoy using L'oreal Youth code series... but then, she told me she dropped and broke the bottle after a few usage... so I pass this to her (No review from me then.. lolx)

 Ingredients list

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