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Calvin Klein will launching a new fragrance for man, available from October(2013) onwards.

The ENCOUNTER fragrance cocktail
The use of spirit notes in the signature ENCOUNTER fragrance created its distinct, unexpected texture. The new ENCOUNTER FRESH fragrance brings back the rum note used in the signature fragrance for an elegant edge, this time paired with a mojito accord of citrus and mint for an invigorating splash of freshness. the overall effect of the delicately blended fragrance notes is a classic, well-mixed cocktail.

Opposite to ENCOUNTER Signature that is edgy and a bit darker, ENCOUNTER FRESH is light and casual. ENCOUNTER FRESH is unique in that it represents the effortless elegance of a confident man, and also has mystery and tension, elements which were woven into the ENCOUNTER story. ENCOUNTER FRESH offers an aspirational place to escape to, where the man is confident, powerful and sexy. 

Description of the fragrance
ENCOUNTER FRESH is a new distinctively different and lighter variant to Encounter Signature. The fragrance has an invigorating burst of freshness, thus making it easy and comfortable to wear during the day.

The ENCOUNTER brand is unique in the Calvin Klein portfolio, as the concept began with a male fragrance and its concept truly speaks and is rooted in masculinity- as opposed to past men’s launches that stemmed from the seed of a female fragrance. As the second fragrance in the ENCOUNTER brand, ENCOUNTER FRESH offers a burst of freshness that is light and perfect for the day time.

The lighter flacon conveys the essence of the Encounter signature bottle, as the shattered plaque juxtaposes against the smooth sleek cap. The bottle is made of the same heavy-weighted rectangular glass in a custom light blue flacon that conveys freshness.

Using the same outer carton design as Encounter Signature, freshness is conveyed through a unique custom blue metallic color that is rich and captures light beautifully.

In keeping with ENCOUNTER Signature, the ENCOUNTER FRESH packaging encapsulates the essence of a multi-faceted Calvin Klein man. The lighter coloring of the packaging is inspired by the crashing waves of the sea below the cliff in the ad. The unique metallic color of the packaging offers something fresh to the market. The surprise element of the matte silver plaque under the cap creates a piece of art, something solid and heavy denoting value and presence.

The design follows the same minimal brand characteristics of Calvin Klein, while simultaneously pushing boundaries for a modern, avant-garde approach with highly artistic and masculine elements.

Price list::
au de toilette spray (1.0oz/30ml)  Price : SD$62
eau de toilette spray (1.7oz/50ml) Price : SD$93
eau de toilette spray (3.4oz/100ml) Price : SD$130
deodorant (75g)  Price : SD$39

The ENCOUNTER FRESH Calvin Klein line will be available beginning Oct 2013 in all leading departmental stores at TANGS Orchard, TANGS Vivo City, Takashimaya D.S., Isetan Scotts, Robinsons The Centrepoint, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, OG People’s Park, Metro Paragon, Metro Woodlands, Metro Seng Kang, BHG Bugis, BHG Clement & Sephora.

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