Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eau d’Ivoire Balmain for women

Recently Balmain launched the new edition of the famous Ivoire perfume - Eau d'Ivoire 2013.  A beautiful fragrance that is suitable for almost all occasion.

Miami vibe
Pink, like the walls on COllins Avenue, pastel, like the ones along Ocean Drive... unique Eau d'Ivoire. Stylized elegance, as fresh and luminous as it is feminine. Perfectly in-line with Ivoire

Eau d’Ivoire is the Balmain woman's summer accessory: a subtle mix of exceptional materials blended with natural simplicity.

Energy first of all : the vibrant energy of bergamot essence and the resonance of sun-drenched sweet red currant. Next comes joy, with a flower heart bursting into bloom. The exquisite exticism of honey-toned osmanthus absolute brings to mind the roundness of a lusciously rip apricot. Magnolia essence deploys a vanilla scented softness, lightly accented with lemon.

Eau d’Ivoire signs off with a fresh, warm perfume trail, where musk, spiced with patchouli, makes skin irresistible. A couture signature on vacation.

The box packing of Eau d’Ivoire is a reference to the codes of the House of Balmain. The detail of a texture. Art Deco patterns. Graphic lines. Matte contrasting with brilliance. A very chic elegant yet classic design.

The bottle of the Eau d’Ivoire bottle remains the same, recognizable and iconic. The weighty feel of glass and pire lines reflect Balmain elegance.

I really dig the bulky "squarish" design of the bottle... look so pretty and chic on my dressing table.  The weighty and solid glass feel of the bottle feels really nice on the palm, although it's a bit wide but still.. I don't think it will slip off my palm that easily.

So loving the chic and solid bottle of  Eau d’Ivoire

The new Eau d'Ivoire is a chic fragrance made from fresh fruits, delicate flowers and chypre base. And it takes on a pink hue just like the dawn on a summer's morning.

Top notes : bergamot and red currant.
Heart note : Osmanthus blossom and Magnolia
Base : Patchouli and Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

The scent last around a few hours on me. When I spray this fragrance on my wrist, the refreshing red currant scent was pretty strong and sweet... follow by a sweet soft floral scent .. I simply love that this dries down to a powdery not too musking scent on my. Totally in love with the soft and smooth powdery scent.

**I'm super weak at describing scents... but I since fragrance smell a little bit different on everybody... so you gotta try this out.. just pop by the fragrance counters and try some~

Both has the same elegant bottle design.. which is super chic ~

The express manicure I had at the launch event @ Paragon was base on box packaging design~ very nice right??? Kekekek (love)

SD$130 (EDP Natural Spray 100ml)
SD$90 (EDP Natural Spray 50ml)
SD$30 (EDP Natural Spray 30ml)

Exclusively available at Metro until the end of October 2013 
Available Robinsons and Tangs from November 2013 onwards

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