Sunday, October 06, 2013

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Medium/Deep

Benfit Stay Don't Stray is a stay-put primer for concealers and eye shadows. And recently (months ago) they launched a new shade in Medium/Deep for darker skin tone.

This dual-action power primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows STAY PUT.  Prevent concealer from creasing and eyeshadows vibrant & true to it shade. Features a NEW “dip & dab” wand for easier application.


Personally, I'm not a fan of "wand" applicator, I very much prefer a squeeze tube - personal preference and hygiene purpose. If you are a fan of wand applicator - please ignore what I've mentioned (lolx)

But this wand is quite nice la.. easy to use. And doesn't took out too much product per use(per eye lid)

Ingredients list
As this is for darker skin tone... the shade is a bit "orangey" on my fair skin.. I find it still workable as eyeshadow base.

I didn't use this as concealer primer cos of the shade. Just mainly testing it out as an eyeshadow primer and base.

This primer/base doesn't cause any skin irritation, no itchiness on the eyelids and doesn't feel too thick nor heavy on the skin.

Because of my thick double eyelid folds, I cannot apply eyeshadow without a good primer.. it always crease and by far the best primer would be MAC paintpot (matte/creamy texture.. not the frosty nor shimmery type), Limecrime eyeshadow helper and MUFE Eye Prime (these doesn't make eyeshadow creases on my deep/thick double eyelid folds)

As an eyeshadow base::
  • Does make eyeshadow stay on the eyelids
  • Eyeshadow look more vibrant and true to it shade.
  • Doesn't change the color of the eyeshadow even though this shade is darker then my skin tone.
  • Doesn't feel too thick on the skin
As an eyeshadow primer::
  • I have to keep reminding myself that this is not an eyeshadow primer, (doesn't say so on the box/packaging) 
  • Tried using this as a primer for quite a number of times, eyeshadow will crease along my deep double eyelid folds line. Other then that eyeshadow stay on nicely on the lids and the color look fresh.

I do enjoy using this on some eyeshadows that doesn't creases much.
(eg:canmake, The Bodyshop and Loreal HIP eyeshadows)

The texture feel quite nice, not as thick as some eyeshadow base.. easy to blend and doesn't thicken the eyeshadow (You know some base will make eyeshadow look thick and cakey.. this doesn't)

Available at all Benefit Beauty Counters including Sephora
(2 shades)
Price : SD$40

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