Sunday, October 20, 2013

Benefit NEW Gimme Brow

Just recently(October 2013), Benefit launched Gimmi Brow - A cool tone brown shade brow mascara. Available in 2 tones of browns and retailing at SD$35each.


Here's is a side by side pic of the brow mascara in Speed Brow and Gimme Brow (both the same size)

Gimme Brow has a super tiny size spoolie for easy and precise application

Swatches of both side
The cool tone browns will be suitable for almost all hair tone (even blond hair) to give you a stronger and more define brows.

Benefit Speed Brow is their original version of a brow mascara which is a lightly tinted brow's gel
The spoolie is bigger then gimme brow (which is an average mascara spoolie size)

Side by side swatches of speed brow and gimme brow

Benefit Gimme Brow is available at all Benefit beauty counters including Sephora.
Price : SD$35 each

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