Monday, September 23, 2013

The Newly Renewed Wish Trend Website

Recently WishTrend has renewed their website with a new interface with more fuctions and information beside their online store.

The layout of the web page is very clean and simple~ easy to see and click what I want from the site. 

On the main page, they will have introduction of "NEW" products and featured products

News section to update on promotion and gifts

A section at the bottom of the main page that link you thru their various accounts from their Youtube, twitter, facebook and ects~

On each products page~ they have clear introduction, postage and even reviews on the selected products (Cool right? lolx)

WishTrend provide international shipping and they have a huge range of Korea popular brands. (Some of the brands we don't have it in Singapore).

Just create an account from WishTrend and you can start your shopping experience on WishTrend.

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