Sexy Look Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask - Review

Recently, Sexy Look launched a series of 4D Duo Lifing Mask. They are 100% cotton and elastic fibre woven and the mask contains fine selection of ingredients that will make out skin HAPPY~

And I got a box of to try it out! Received Sexy Look Organic Aloe Power Soothing 4D Duo Lifting Mask - Ahhhhh... Aloe Vera, I love anything that contains aloe vera .. they make my skin feel GOOOOOOOD and very happy (lolx)

A soothing and moisturizing mask that is suitable for all skin type (including sensitive skin)
Doesn't contains Alcohol, colourant, mineral oil and paraben

The mask is infused with organic Alow Vera extract, marine collagen, hyaluronan, Indian Pennywarts extract and Natural certified trehalose.

Ingredients list~

It's said that this mask revitalizes the skin with minimum irritation formulation (interesting~)

I'm excited to try this mask, the ingredients look soooo promising and ohh-so-soothing! 
  • A cotton mask that wasn't too thick nor feel heavy on the skin
    The mask adhesive nicely on the skin, with the ear hook, the mask stick on the face tightly.
  • The mask doesn't feel too soaking wet.
    Doesn't make a mess when I took out the mask from the packaging.
  • The hooks(from the side of the face and the neck) was pretty tight, the mask can be stretched to fit (I have a chubby round face, so when I pull the mask.. the area around the side of my nose kinda pop up.. doesn't stick on my skin.. which kinda fail at trying to "mask" that tiny area (I can simply stretch out the mask more so that the mask will stick on my skin nicely.. but will lose a bit of the tightness)
  • The mask feel so nice on the skin
    Refreshing and soothing (my skin doesn't feel stuffy during the 20 mins masking time).
    The Aloe vera soothe my tired skin and reduce redness on my skin.
  • The hydrated my skin well
    (Quite moisturizing) Skin feel supple and cool
  • Doesn't irritated my sensitive (combination skin)
    Doesn't cause any breaking-out
  • After masking, skin feel moist and kinda enhance the skin absorption for serum and moisturizer.
  • The tightness from the neck(chin) and hook over to my ears, does make my double chin look and feel tight during masking and after masking, the neck area does look firm and less chubby - the effect doesn't last too long per use. BUT it's better then nothing right? I believe this will help in long term wise   (^_^)V
Overall, I do enjoy using the mask.

Price : SD$15.90 (A box of 5 masks)
Get it ->> here <<-

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